Music of the Week #307


Hero Academy did something unexpected as you all may have seen so there goes yet another spiel lamenting on how the series will end right before the turning point of the series. Since we have around 4-5 episode left, those will dedicated to the examination arc. I’ll be expecting some level of cliffhangers to hype it up since S2 has been a lot better than S1. Other than that, it’s just more working out and catching episodes of Gyaru and Saiyuki, the latter of which finally makes sense since I was pretty young when I watched its previous adaptations.

This week’s theme is on the Dancer of the Boreale Valley. She’s one of the first bosses showed off in the game in a demo years back. Back then, she was just called the Dancer of the Frigid Valley and I wasn’t honestly all that impressed with her when I saw the footage. Everyone still mostly remembers her for her ass but I mostly remember her only because you can semi-sequence break into Lothric Castle earlier than usual. She’s honestly only given me a problem when I’m not able to kill her ASAP because her moves are honestly tough to read and hard as shit to block if I don’t feel like rolling. Much like Vordt, her current form is because of good ol’ Suly and how he makes it a rule to turn people he doesn’t really like into beasts using his “eye” rings.

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