Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 32- Mini Arc

So when I said we’d see All For One this week, I guess I was wrong. Funnily enough, I don’t remember this taking place at all in the manga with Tsuyu’s little adventure. This reasoning escapes me unless Tsuyu won something in the popularity poll or something because I never really cared for her since she hasn’t really gotten an actual “development” arc in the manga yet. I don’t doubt my memories are a bit fragmented with the series but the only notable thing about Tsuyu is when she reprimands her fellow students after a rather large event.

But anyways, I guess we can save the other big exposition for the next episode.

Deku stays in the hospital alone as Iida checks out with his mother and Todoroki returns to Endeavor to continue learning what he can from the 2nd ranked hero. Deku himself stays in the hospital for longer and he thinks about how his other friends are doing. In these brief cutaways, we see Best Jeanist patrolling with Bakugo who scares a bunch of kids, Jirou using her sound-based abilities to support some pros, Ochako learning CQC, Kirishima doing public service work, and on this episode’s focus point: Tsuyu cleaning a boat. As per her abilities, she signed up for more aquatic based jobs and she landed herself working on the ship of a hero who frequently helps with crimes committed on the seas.

Tsuyu’s current work had her underneath a hero with the quirk that, like her, manifested in the physical form of a sea lion and he captained a ship that helped with patrolling. His sidekick also shared her doubts on helping around a relatively limited playing field but she came to understand that every “hero” had their role to play and hoped that Tsuyu herself would come to find her own answer. Cue an issue that forces this motley crew of seadogs into action, have the leader be compromised and put out of action temporarily, leading the sidekick and Tsuyu to act on their own to apprehend the villains in question. The sidekick gets caught and Tsuyu plays off the whole “save yourself if you help us or your friend gets it” situation but a moment of courage is more than enough for her to buy time for the hero to arrive.

That’s pretty much the episode so I have to think on why they handed off this time to Tsuyu mostly to save some episode time to pace out the last arc of the adaptation. Other than that, I was hoping for the All For One appearance but we see him in the next episode preview so at least I can confidently say we’ll see him next week. You can tell that I didn’t particularly have a ball with this episode since this is probably the most standard fare “heroing” lesson on sticking to your guns and not negotiating with the enemy and all that noise. Tsuyu’s experience, whether or not it was elucidated in the manga or not just doesn’t compare to the absolute hype train of Stain’s fight so forgive me if I sound that disinterested in what occurred.

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