Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 30- Standing Tall

While the fight itself is finished, we’ve still got a whole ‘nother episode detailing the aftermaths of Stain’s defeat as well as moving smoothly along to the final arc of the adaptation with the examination period the kids will undergo. This made me remember how little Bakugo has shown up in this 2nd half of the show so we’ll be back with his fuming anger whether we like it or not. I’ll tell you right now that Bakugo isn’t going to chill out around Deku for a long while so don’t hold your breath.

The fight continues against Stain and Deku is temporarily put out of commission as Todoroki struggles alone to keep Stain away from his effective range. Iida’s inner turmoil begins to well in him with inspiration and purpose as he accepts at how unlike a hero he was in his initial fight against Stain. Iida’s paralysis wears off in the nick of time to save Todoroki getting his arm lobbed off and Iida quickly closes the gap to break one of Stain’s blades and kicks the villain to the wall. Stain however gets back to continue his relentless assault and Todoroki responds back to the defensive as Iida’s Recipro-Burst needs to cool off. Iida asks Todoroki to cool down is engines and Deku himself begins to feel control back over his body. Todoroki forces Stain to take to the rooftops and as the Hero Killer begins his descent, Iida speeds himself up with another round of Recipro-Burst Extend and Deku activates One For All. The duo rise to meet Stain’s downward charge and both hit him squarely in the face and chest with their respective punch and kick. Stain is momentarily stunned before he grabs his blade again, only to narrowly miss Iida’s head and the latter responds with another powerful kick. Todoroki finishes Stain off with a stream of fire and as he cushions his friends’ fall, the trio find Stain unconscious.

Gran Torino and Endeavor finish off one of the Nomu’s and Endeavor recalls back to a scene where Todoroki bolted to a certain location and was asked to send any pro-heroes to the address once the situation calmed down. Endeavor asks for Gran Torino to check the location out while he himself would support the heroes struggling at the center of town. Endeavor arrives in the nick of time to save a hero and immolates another Nomu before rescuing another hero from the clutches of the flying Nomu. Back to the trio, they bind Stain with some rope before they exit the alleyway and meet up with Gran Torino. While angry at how Deku stepped out of the train, he’s glad to see him safe and even more pro heroes arrive on the scene to notice the injured kids and the captured Hero Killer. The flying Nomu swoops in to kidnap Deku, only for Stain to remove his own bonds, lick the blood of a hero stained with the Nomu’s blood, and killing it in brutal efficiency. Tomura, watching from, above gets irritated on the whole situation and we return to Stain breathing heavily. The heroes brace themselves as Stain has gotten a hostage and Endeavor is stopped by Gran Torino from attacking. Stain lets loose an ultimatum on the state of heroes in society and how the meaning of the word has become sullied. His passionate and bloodthirsty conviction stuns everyone, including Endeavor and Gran Torino from moving. Stain declares that the only rightful person to bring him down will be All Might but he soon loses consciousness standing up with his broken rib puncturing his lung.

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