Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 29- Clash

What I believe to be the climax of this arc arrives. Iida’s vengeance driven confrontation with Stain ends and as the latter is about to end the young hero’s life, Deku and Todoroki swoop in as they try and delay Stain for as long as possible. I’ll give this another episode for the fight to end and for the examination arc to start. Kind of sad it’s ending so close to an arc that preludes another amazing one but hey, this is a popular enough series I guess and I’m expecting for it to win over people with this arc so here’s hoping.

Deku leaps out of the train following Gran Torino’s stylish exit and tries to find his way to the center of town, his inquisitive mind racing all the while to piece the clues together. Gran Torino continues his fight against the Nomu and sees that it is only attacking anything near it without thought and consistency. Endeavor arrives to the scene and helps the aging hero as Deku continues making his way through the center of the mayhem. Deku finds two more Nomu’s causing trouble to the local heroes but more importantly, overhears one of the members gripe about Iida disappearing and Deku quickly pieces together the remaining clues on the city of Hosu, the Hero Killer, and Iida and sprints into action. Iida himself gets completely bodied by Stain and immobilized after blood is drawn. As Iida swears to end Stain, the latter is unimpressed and finds Iida to be a poor excuse of a hero and says that if he truly was one, he would be prioritizing saving others instead of selfishly let his anger get the best of him. Stain poises his sword for an execution but Deku zips past the alleyway and delivers a smashing blow against Stain’s face.

Deku’s heroic entry surprises both Stain and Iida but the former wastes no time in preparing yet another leap. Deku quickly shares his location with a number of contacts and charges toward Stain. Stain sees that Deku is trying to quickly close the gap before he can use the added range of his attacks with his blades and Deku sees through this as well and slides between the murderer’s legs. Stain reacts immediately to retaliate but Deku gets airborne and delivers yet another punch to Stain’s head. While Deku wins the trade, Stain reveals another one of his blades that grazed Deku by his leg and immobilizes our hero as well. Stain logically explains his folly against Deku’s speed but deems his heroic intent to be worth keeping alive and Stain lurches toward Iida gain. Yet again, Stain is interrupted, but this time by a stream of fire. Todoroki enters the scene, and tells Deku to send him more information than just his location. Thankfully, Deku’s overthinking habits had Todoroki knew that Deku wouldn’t have sent such arbitrary information without cause and he hurried on over.

Todoroki immediately uses his ice to reposition the injured hero and the immobilized Deku and Iida. Deku warns him of Stain’s immobilization quirk that activates if he draws blood but before Todoroki can finish his sentence, Stain throws a knife and closes the gap. Todoroki immediately activates his fire-half to have Stain jump away and freezes the alleyway in crystals. Stain breaks his way through, admiring the how Iida must have admirable friends and before Todoroki can activate his fire half again, knives are thrown into his arm and Deku steps up again to delay him. The team deduce that the time limit on the immobilization must be because of their individual bloodtypes. Stain affirms their suspcisions as Deku distances himself from him and stands next to Todoroki as they prepare to protect their friend. As the duo struggle against Stain’s speed, Iida tries to plead them to stop but Todoroki lectures him instead. After the tournament, his visit to his mother proved to be a very helping experience that threw away any doubt he had in his mind and he started to look at this father in a different light. Despite not liking him, Todoroki can’t help but agree that his father is a fantastic hero with great insight and decision making. Todoroki shouts that if Iida wished for him and Deku to stop, he’ll have to stand up to do it.


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