Music of the Week #303


Aside from being aghast at MTG rare card costs, I’m too busy on twitter reading up what’s going with the new Under Night release with the bunch of new content being shown off. More are just QoL improvements but I’m really excited to hear what the story might hold. I’ve had Enkidu and Wagner’s theme playing from the streams for quite a while and I’m liking what I hear. You can tell how distracted I was today seeing how delayed this was. But other than those, I actually started watching more series this season, namely two. From a reluctant recommendation by a friend, Hajimete no Gyaru and satisfying a nostalgia itch, the return of Saiyuki. I’ll talk more about those later but I probably won’t cover them.

Anyways, moving onto our theme of the week. One of the notably tougher tutorial bosses in the series compared to the likes of Asylum Demon and the Vanguard. Lord knows what counts as a tutorial boss in DS2 between the pathetic Dragon Rider and the Lost Giant. Iudex Gundyr also has some other implications in the story as he stands as the judge for the Champion of Ash as he failed to be one in ages past. Apparently in a different age, in where he was the champion the world was thrown into dark and a lot of really convoluted theory that Ludleth turned back time from that age to try and fix it. Champion Gundyr is apparently another version of Gundyr that was a hero but even I can’t have too much confidence in any theory to really talk about it.