Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 28- Exposition Piling

An exposition HEAVY episode ends with some exciting stuff. As I was typing this with the episode playing the back, I was catching myself in surprise how much I was transcribing the details laid out in the episode. The episode really nailed how it moved from its every-day training into what I believe is the first turning point of the series with the Hero Killer arc.

Deku and Gran Torino have their pre-breakfast exchange in Deku attempting to land a hit on the old man zipping around the room and is able to at least utilize his newfound application of OfA to land a mark on Gran Torino’s cheek. We get a shot of how the other classmates are faring in their own daily struggles in keeping up with the world of pros and we join All Might meet with his detective acquaintance over some unsettling news. Reports on the Nomus shows that they seem to be comprised of multiple DNAs intermixed into a single body that was modified to contain them and hold multiple quirks. Since these intermingling DNAs cannot influence a body to hold more than a single quirk, the conclusion is given that someone is out there giving these things quirks and All Might face stiffens as he figures out who is behind this

On the other side of the moral line, we find both Tomura and Kurogiri restrained by Stain in the former’s hideout. Tomura is pinned down to the floor by Stain while Kurogiri’s arm bleeds as he is unable to utilize any of his abilities. Stain lets out his diatribe on how the current industry of heroes has stagnated the real meaning of what hero stands for, including the myriads of criminals, and until such dynamic in society is changed, he will continue to kill. Tomura however is able to fight back and regain his composure but what he includes about wanting to kill All Might changes Stain’s tone as while Tomura angers him, they both agree that they wish to destroy what is currently ongoing in society and Stain even mentions that he sees some level of conviction within Tomura. While Tomura is iffy on the idea of having someone as crazy as Stain on his “side” the negotiations are successful and Stain requests that he be returned to Hosu as he had a job to attend to.

Back in Hosu, Iida finishes his rounds of patrol with his senior hero and we dive into his mind where he had previously mapped out the incidents of the Hero Killer and how his attacks always has four heroes killed. Iida’s brother Ingenium was the only one that was attacked and Iida surmises that Stain will strike again to kill 3 others. We then return to Deku continuing his training with Gran Torino where the latter decides to move on from their constant duels to field work and actively fight off villains in the city. Gran Torino hails a cab and states that they’ll take a train to Shinjuku to quell some unruly villains. Deku notices that the train will pass Hosu and wonders on Iida’s condition. Speaking of Iida, he gets earnestly lectured by his senior on how the latter knew that he came to Hosu to pursue the Hero Killer and is told that acting on vengeance will be a mistake. As much as Iida agrees, he is unable to find it in himself to quell his emotions of vengeance. As the day nears its end, Kurogiri brings Stain and Tomura to the rooftops of Hosu and Stain jumps to do his work while Kurogiri notes at how Stains’ conviction has certainly lowered the crime rates dramatically in each city he appeared in and Tomura concludes that he can’t really agree with Stain’s ideals and decides to let loose 3 Nomu’s into the city. This coincides with Gran Torino and Deku’s train as the other passengers sees fire from the buildings and a Nomu clutching a hero crashes through the train walls. Gran Torino immediately jumps into action while Deku follows suit. Iida and his senior are called upon to assist against the villains but Iida’s intuition has him peer through a stray alleyway and he finds his awaited opponent about to kill another hero. Iida attempts to jump in but he’s deflected off and his helmet flies off. Stain tells him to leave and threatens him that even children may fall under his list of targets should the circumstances demand it. Iida however stands up and declares for Stain to remember the name of the hero who will bring him down, and Iida declares that he will avenge his brother Ingenium.

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