Music of the Week #302


Having nothing to do in FGO is pretty boring now that I’m just hoarding up quartz and farming materials since I’ve leveled everyone I’ve wanted up to a point where the only thing I have left is to farm. The Singularities are all done and it’ll be a while until we get the next batch of actual content so it’s going to be a long wait.

Anyways, this is really cutting it close so let’s get this done. This week’s theme is that of Dark Souls 3’s Firelink Shrine. Whereas the shrine was something singular in DS1, the art of linking fire has become something of a tradition now and this particular shrine serves as your hub once again. Now with even more NPCs to gather and help you out in your journey, this is quite the fitting hub for our last journey. Outside stands a Tree of Giants as well as a tower that hides the grisly fate of the Firekeepers that stay here, as an entire tower is filled with the corpses of the firekeepers.