Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 27: The Shortest Training Arc Ever

And we return to our regularly scheduled programming where Deku learns how to finally control his power within one episode of his supposed training. To think people still ask why this series is as popular as it is, well, here’s one of the reasons. Though I guess waiting 27 episodes for main character to stop crying took enough patience anyways.

Now that Deku has his actual power, and from the looks of the opening, they’ll actually be going ahead with the whole examination period arc. That means we’ll end before the school trip arc but that leaves with the enormous possibility of a Season 3 which means we might actually All For One.

Gran Torino’s grisly murder scene is revealed to have just been a mishap he made with a plate full of sausages and ketchup and Deku calms down as he eyes the tiny old man. While thinking to himself that Gran Torino might be too old to keep up with One For All, GT asks for Deku to try his abilities on him. Thinking he might break both of them, he decides to step out only for Gran Torino to jump and bounce around the room, proving that his old age belied his abilities as a hero. Deku gets on the defensive and calculates where the old man will strike at him and as he predicts an attack to his back, his counter is promptly quelled and he is pinned down. Gran Torino states that Deku’s admiration for All Might is the heaviest chain holding him back and he ponders on what that exactly means but the old man also praises his intuition and thought process, something that All Might, whose name we learn to be Toshinori, has lacked in his youth. Deku also sees where All Might learned some of his cooler sounding lines, mirroring Gran Torino’s speaking habits.

In the other cities across the country, we see the other members of Class 1A experiences vary between each other. Bakugo ends up with Best Jeanist and is told that he was picked because he was untamed and Best Jeanist wanted to challenge himself into civilizing Bakugo’s fuming disposition. Shouto goes to his dad’s agency and declares that he will do things his way but nonetheless follows his father on duty. Uraraka enjoys her experience, Kirishima runs into Tetsutetsu, Momo gets picked for her looks, and Mineta ends up dong housework. The biggest foreshadowing is left with Iida, who hides the fact that he transferred to hero branch in Hosu so he could better hunt for the villain who crippled his brother. Said killer, Stain, is brought to Tomura’s lair where the latter’s boss is on videocall monitoring the exchange. Stain asks what Tomura wants with him and Tomura states he would like to recruit him to their cause. When asked what Tomura’s causes were, Stain immediately rejects the idea, stating that Tomura’s intent to kill without any conviction disgusts him.

Later that night, Deku decides to apply what Gran Torino told him and tries to naturally utilize his powers more and practices wall-jumping with One For All. An unsuccessful night of slamming into building facades have him roughed up by morning and Gran Torino asks for him to put some food in the microwave for breakfast. As Deku heats up some Taiyaki, he brings them out to eat but Gran Torino yells at him for not letting the dish spin to distribute the heat and with that simple analogy, Deku finds a way to use One For All and instead of only powering up a single portion of his body, he instead distributes the power throughout his body.

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