Music of the Week #301

To a new age

The Bloodborne spotlight comes to a swift end and we move onto the last stretch of the Souls series with Dark Souls 3. I also completely forgot there was going to be a break between Hero Academy’s episode’s cour split so that was my bad there. My week was pretty uneventful and I doubt you want to hear my glorious escapades in Fate Grand Order farming ascension materials for the past few days. That’s been pretty much it since I could go play a certain PSP game on an emulator but I’ll need to load up a spreadsheet to understand the story.

Anyways, like Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3 was a long-time coming for me and I was glad I got on the train before the Ringed City dropped. Let’s get right onto the last feasible entry into the series with its notably loud and vocalized main menu theme. While it isn’t the first, it’s the first time it’s featured so boldly at the start but honestly, it’s probably the weakest main menu theme out of all of them.