Music of the Week #300

What have I gotten myself into

Guess who just entered Gacha-Hell for 15 hours and came out with the Servants he wanted in FGO? Not me because I got someone else’s account out of sheer luck and generosity. Cue the entire day of me just overleveling myself through high AP nodes and getting way more NP than the game’s tries to limit lower level players with and I have two ascended servants with their levels capped for now before another ascension occurs. Once you’re out of gatcha hell, it’s not too bad honestly. It’s basically another F/E except less flashier than more pokemon styled rock paper scissors.

This marks the end of Bloodborne’s music spotlight and instead of ending it on the tough as nails Orphan of Kos, whose theme you can barely hear from all of his screaming, we’ll cap it off with Lady Maria’s. The nightmare version of Yharnam does something oh so special in showing you that there’s two sides to the Healing Church, physically in the nightmare world and figuratively in the real world. The Grand Cathedral where we find Laurence is but one area of the healing church’s quarters and the building we ascend after killing Luwidg has us enter the Research Hall, a place filled with patients and doctors who have massively bloated heads due to their self experimentation. Some are chained to their beds begging for death while others roam the halls, while the “especially gifted” patients have been reduced to nothing but an overgrown head. Maria is the name a lot of them mutter for mercy, understanding, and acknowledgment. Maria herself lies behind another boss encounter and her backstory has to do with how she was Gehrman’s most promising student, one of the few who mastered quickening. Apparently, the hunters’ raid on the Fishing Hamlet that hosted the body of Kos left her so scarred that she withdrew her weapon and seemingly committed suicide, an act that also haunted Gehrman he too is also connected to the incident at the Fishing Hamlet.

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