Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 26: Back to Neutral

Here we go, we’re starting off the Hero Killer Arc with news that Iida has signed up to join his the agency his brother worked at for an attempt at vengeance. Meanwhile Deku is about to learn a fancy new trick which will finally make him not a complete pushover.

Things are looking up and I can’t wait til the kiddies finally meet Stain. I’m just wondering if it’ll take the entirety of the next cour since I think it’ll only take around 8 episodes to get there.

The second half begins as the class prepares to be sent off for a week-long trip at a Hero agency of their choice from a list. Some of the students have been given personal offers from said agencies after their display of skill in the sports festival. Deku runs into Iida on the way to school and Aizawa introduces a special class for the day and Midnight walks in as he explains it’s time to choose their hero names. While other than just being cool, these names will serve as their codenames for their future line of work as well as provide an image of what they strive to become in the future. The kids are given a dry-erase board and marker to write down their own suggestions for their future career names. A noticeable number of kids have trouble as they’re unsure of how to proceed while a few select ones either have ones that they’ve thought up of before. Some suggestions, like Bakugo and Ashido’s take a few tries to get while Kirishima and Tsuyu have an easier time.

Three name suggestions become the last ones to be revealed. While not one of those 3, Todoroki decides to choose his own first name as his hero name, suggesting that he has finally moved on from his father’s overbearing shadow. Bakugo has a tough time deciding his name to be a lot less violent while Iida ponders over his brother’s words. From a flashback, Ingenium states that he has lost all feeling from his legs and laments that his time as a hero has come to an end. For this, he offers Iida his hero name to which Iida is unable to move on from just yet and chooses his first name like Todoroki. Deku ponders at how he’s still very much unfit to inherit anything around All Might’s name and simply chooses Deku. Later, the kids get their handouts for their weeklong trip for hero agencies.

Todoroki eyes his father’s agency, Ochako decides to choose a combat oriented agency to further her abilities, Iida jots down an agency, and Deku decides which one to apply to. Later in the day, as Aizawa reads over the promptly turned in forms, he notices Iida’s application heading towards Hosu and Aizawa wonders as Iida was definitely qualified for somewhere more high-end. Cementoss looks over his computer and finds one offer has arrived for Deku and All Might is agape at the sender. All Might confronts Deku before the latter leaves class over how Gran Torino, All Might’s former instructor and one of the few people who know of One For All has sent an offer to Deku. However, All Might’s visible shaking over this prospect has Deku intimidated but rearing to go. As the new week arrives, Deku sees his friends off for their respective destination as he arrives in a dainty little apartment with Gran Torino’s address, and finds to find an old man lying in a pool of blood. Deku screams but Gran Torino bolts up and confirms that he’s well and alive.

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