Music of the Week #299


Late because of reasons and poor sleep schedules. Not much else going on other than Magic the Gathering frenzy and the will to buy more cards with money I don’t have. Settled with a completely green deck and I’ve been really liking the Wurm archetype since I’m not too keen on a full wolf, treefolk, or elf deck. Maybe it’s because I have so many cards that bring land into my field that I can’t even imagine running a multi-colored deck.

Anyways, that stuff aside, our music nears its conclusion and this fight theme is that or Laurence, one of the other storied characters in Bloodborne’s rich lore. As one of the founding members of the Healing Church, fittingly titled the First Vicar, Laurence is presumably one of the first and oldest Cleric Beasts. While his beastly skull is used as a holy artifact in the waking world, his once human skull remains in the nightmare world of Yharnam and bringing it to his smoldering body will spring him to life. As a Cleric Beast on fire, his moveset remains the same, only that he’s basically 80% covered for his attacks and finding an opening is absolute hell, especially when he snaps in half and his entire half-rear end is spitting lava.

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