Music of the Week #298

Even more distractions

Schedules are getting busier but that’s a good thing, always having something to do is pretty nice. Summer has been pretty, which is honestly a great thing because I can recall two summers where I did nothing but weekly music posts. Hero Academy thankfully is going into its better portions after the next episode settles the fight between Bakugo and Todoroki, I’m excited to say the least. It’s a nice pace we’re at.

But of course, most of these music posts won’t be as interesting to read since there’s not much else going on unless people are actually interested in what I’m playing with but unless something really stands out to me, I won’t really say much. Moving on, we dive into the one of more stellar DLCs that Fromsoft has produced, The Old Hunters. Sitting at the absolute top of the series’ DLC roster, The Old Hunters’ sheer scale of additions into the base game in both of weapons and content is a rarity for the series as it was meant to be two separate DLCs as shown by the radically different areas of the Hunter’s Nightmare and the Fishing Hamlet. In most cases, like the Lost Crowns Trilogy in DS2 and the Painting Duology in DS3, DLCs are usually split up to lengthen out the playtimes and have people invest in a Season Pass. The Old Hunters however stayed true to its entire package and was released as is with a wealth of content which normally would have been split. What better way to start that off with one of the more mentioned characters in the lore, the leader of the Chuch hunters, Ludwig. While many people theorized the Cleric Beast we fought on the bridge was Ludwig, as it hinted how the clergymen became a very discernible type of beast, Ludwig was turned into something more monstrous. However, a sliver of his own self still remains, only drawn out by his titular Holy Blade’s light.