Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 24: Enter the Hero Killer

With the exciting match concluded, we only have the rest of the sports tourney arc before we move onto the real nitty gritty arc of the kids going off to do their own heroics with some pros for experience and training while a greater evil looms over them. Best not to worry about that for now since the conflict for this arc, Stain, has been shown off and he looks as menacing as ever.

Deku undergoes surgery for his immense injuries while Todoroki mutters to his father over how for an instant in his fight with Deku, he forgot all about him and says he’ll think over if that was a good or bad thing. Deku is distraught and apologetic to All Might for failing to make an impact in his chance to show himself to the world and All Might eases him that while his early elimination was regrettable, his recovery and Recovery Girl’s insistence on refusing to help him out from such grave self-induced injuries has them worried about how to proceed. Deku mulls about how someone else might be more deserving of One For All and pinpoints the fact that All Might agreed to become a teacher at UA in order to find his successor. All Might hits back however by explaining that even he was quirkless before he was gifted with One For All and he declares that he still has yet to regret giving Deku his power.

The rest of the competition’s fights occur with Iida speedily pushing Shiozaki out of bounds and Tokoyami doing the same thing to Mina. Iida tries to call his brother, Ingenium, to try and catch his next match on TV but his brother fails to respond as we see Ingenium hunting after a certain villain. Kirishima fights against Bakugo and the former attempts to rush the other down while Tetsutetsu screams from the sidelines for Kirishima to go for Bakugo’s chin. Bakugo’s dexterity however has him outlast Kirishima’s barrage of attacks and he counters back after Kirishima wears himself out as he had maintained his quirk for the entire match trying to negate the damage from Bakugo’s explosions. The Top 4 has the star students of Class 1A representing and the first fight has Iida face off against Todoroki. While Iida tries finish the fight as quickly as possible, his engines get frozen over after his successful kick to Todoroki and the latter continues to freeze and immobilize him. Tokoyami’s fight against Bakugo ends with the latter’s victory as the light caused by the explosion weakens the shadow’s combat ability.

The last fight is predictably against the aces Bakugo and Todoroki but ominous portents come from Iida’s conversation with his mother through his phone when she reveals that his brother has been had by a villain.

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