Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 23: SHOUTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

The fight I’ve been waiting for is finally here, and now it’s time to revise our next milestone in awesome moments to see animated up further as this “arc’s” apex has basically come and gone. Was it as hype as the manga version? It’s been an honest while since I’ve read the corresponding chapters but I think they handled this pretty decently given how manga panel lightings can always be messed around with to bring more tension. Overall, pretty exciting and that Endeavor reaction isn’t going to be forgotten anytime soon.

Bring on the trainee/Hero Killer arc.

Deku and Todoroki’s duel begins and the latter immediately opens up the fanfare with a path of ice protusions barreling their way after Deku. Sacrificing a finger, Deku blasts away the ice path before him, only for Todoroki to answer back with yet another ice path. This continues until Deku’s left hand is left completely unusable and Todorki gets angered at what Deku is playing at. Deku recalls Todorki’s words earlier in the competition that he plans on winning the entire tournament without the use of his fire-half. Deku finds the statement as meaningless compared to how the rest of the competitors are giving it their 100% while Todoroki is only only half-assing it. Todoroki’s attacks begin to slow down and Deku manages to avoid the attacks with less strain on his body.

Todoroki reminisces of his own childhood as well as his motivations to become a hero, but also his hatred towards his father. Todoroki’s circumstances had him be the product of quirk eugenics as his father Endeavor literally endeavored to produce a child with both his pryokinetic quirk and his wife’s cryokinetic quirks. After many unsuccessful attempts with his siblings, Shouto’s birth was of great accomplishment for Endeavor’s wish to have his child surpass All Might and that come with a lot of stress and isolation for the young Shouto. Endeavor’s abuse also extended towards his wife where even she began to despise him and the child they made, which ended up with Shouto’s burn scars on half of his face.

However, even with this, Todoroki’s inner dream led to wish to become a hero not unlike his father. Todoroki then unconsciously begins to heat up and Endeavor delights at the sight of his son accepting all of his abilities. While Endeavor shouts in praise of his son and how he’ll continue his dreams, Todoroki remains silent as a single tear falls down his cheeks. Deku smiles seeing Todoroki’s affirmed determination and Todoroki can’t help but smile himself, and mentions how strange Deku must be to smile in the face of defeat and helping his enemies. Todoroki charges his abilities while Deku prepares to utilize OFA and the two powers collide with the intervention of both Midnight and Cementoss. As the smoke clears, Deku is found out of bounds and unconscious and Todoroki stands the victor.

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