Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 22: Couldn’t Bakugo just propel himself if he got Zero Gravity’d?

Ah, just one more episode away until the “peak” of this tournament arc. You might be thinking that surely the most exciting fight will be between Bakugo and Todoroki but recall how the latter called Deku out instead of Bakugo at the start. Bakugo is a non-issue in this battle of minds as Todoroki’s family burden has him view Deku not as a means of defying his father but rising above him.

While I do find Uraraka pretty nice, I just couldn’t help myself love that short fight between Kirishima and Tetsutetsu a bit more so they’ll be your screencaps this week.

The final match of the 1st Round of the dueling concludes with the match between Uraraka and Bakugo, two completely different individuals in the same class whose classmates are none too keen on watching how the fight will unfold. Deku had previously offered his notebook detailing Bakugo’s mannerisms and habits for her benefit but she turned them down as she had wanted to be like the Deku and the others, to be able to stand on her own two feet and come out on top to prove herself worthy as a hero. Uraraka and Bakugo arrive in the dueling stage and Uraraka begins with a charge and Bakugo quickly responds by shoving a wave of explosive force against her, Uraraka makes it out of it and quickly plans her next move. Uraraka’s chances to strike are nullified by Bakugo’s sheer level of determination and reaction speed and Uraraka’s attempts to fake out Bakugo by ditching her jersey only leads to another failed attempt to make contact.

Bakugo continues to repel her attacks away with the force of his explosions and the crowd begins to speak out against him how he’s treating her too roughly and that he should loosen up against her. Present Mic on the live coverage seems to agree but Aizawa quickly butts in to clear up this misconception that Bakugo is taking this fight completely seriously because Uraraka is doing the exact same thing of aiming for the top. Aizawa sees that Bakugo acknowledges her challenge and will to fight and is responding in kind. While the audience is somehow seeing the fight from the upper angle, it seems that all of them missed how Uraraka was intentionally using Bakugo’s ability against him because after blasting her away multiple times, a whole load of debris was sent floating in the air positioned above the two fighters. Uraraka bets it all on this one attack to have her make contact with Bakugo to send him away but Bakugo answers back with one huge explosion aimed towards the falling debris and Uraraka struggles to stand after she is knocked away once more. Bakugo gets pumped after seeing her resolve but is denied his proper fight after Uraraka faints.

The fight ends with Bakugo’s victory and Deku excuses himself as the rest of the audience take a break before the second set of brackets begin. Deku runs into Todoroki’s father, Endeavor and even he notes at how Deku’s abilities seem to have the same momentous strength as All Might does. Deku quickly excuses himself and runs into Bakugo again and the former immediately shoots down Bakugo’s accusation of Deku telling Uraraka of his habits. Deku makes it clear that Uraraka faced Bakugo without any help from him whatsoever. While this tense air follows Deku to the waiting room, it disperses as soon as he founds Uraraka up and healthy. Deku leaves after his match is called out while Uraraka shares a heart to heart with her folks.

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