Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 19-20: Kicking it

So some real-life complications had me completely unable to be able to cover last week’s episode alone but to be perfectly fair, half of it was Todoroki talking to Deku. Thankfully, Shinsou’s episode wasn’t all that bad. Everytime I reread or come back to this fight I remember what his powers were but keep forgetting how Deku won and after the anime finally got here, I don’t think I’ll forget since this is a pretty important implication shown off with One For All’s ability.

Anyway, let’s get this done before I fall further behind.

The cavalry battle comes to an end the and the final event for the sports festival reveals itself to be the time-tested sport of dueling. The kids are given break and a chance to participate in some extra-curricular events before taking place in the mandatory final sparring matches. The contestants do whatever they see fit but Todoroki takes Deku aside and asks him what exactly he is to All Might to have gained the greatest hero’s attention. Deku is unable to reveal his secret but is also unable to deny their apparent connection. Todoroki states his father, Endeavor’s, wish to succeed All Might after spending his career stuck being the Number 2 culminated in Todoroki’s birth. A mixture of both his father’s pyro-abilities as well as the cryo-abilities of his mother’s side that allows him to be the one to succeed All Might with the new generation of heroes. Todoroki states however that he despises his father’s intents and vows to win the tournament, and succeed Deku’s connection with All Might by only using his ice abilities. Deku replies that while he may not fully empathize, he will try his hardest to surpass Todoroki as well. All of this is secretly overheard by Bakugo.

Deku’s bracket for the 1 vs 1 tourney pits him against the Shinsou, the mysterious winner of the cavalry battle where Ojiro was unknowingly part of. Ojiro and the other members of Shinsou’s “team” excused themselves after feeling guilty for advancing when they themselves cannot remember what they went through in the event. Ojiro warns Deku of Shinsou’s abilities but right at the onset of the duel, Deku stops midway through his charge and stands completely still as Shinsou watches. Shinsou’s abilities are revealed to be Brainwashing, a quirk that was completely useless to him during his attempts at the academy’s entrance exams. Apparently, this was already a fact to him which was why he applied to the academy’s General Course instead of the Hero Course. Shinsou’s abilities activate immediately after a person responds to one of his questions and Deku falls victim to it as soon as the match began. Shinsou orders for Deku to disqualify himself and he begins to walk towards the out-of-bounds area. Deku wills himself to try and break free but is unable to as the crowd and his classmates wonder what exactly is going on.

As Deku inches closer to the out-of-bounds line, he catches a glimpse of some figures watching him from the field entrance, 5-6 figures with glowing eyes staring at him. Something within Deku moves and his two fingers activate One For All to physically injure him to wake him from his trance. Shinsou demands answers on how Deku was able to break free but Deku remains quiet and as he resumes his charge against him. As Shinsou pelts out demands on how lucky Deku must be to be born with his power and how blessed he must be with how such an appropriate ability manifested in him. Deku refuses to answer but we hear his thoughts on how he agrees that he is certainly blessed with his opportunities and how he knows exactly how Shinsou feels to have been powerless before. Deku is able throw Shinsou out of bounds and claims victory and we get a bit of background on Shinsou on how everyone viewed his abilities would make for an effective villain more than a hero. Shinsou’s heart however never even thought of that possibility as he only wished to become a hero with his abilities. Shinsou is unexpectedly welcomed back by his classmates and he swears that he will continue striving to be the hero he dreamt of being. The next round features the one-sided fight between Sero and Todoroki and the former quickly wraps Todoroki in his tape and drags him to the out-of-bounds line, only for Todoroki to answer back by freezing near half the stadium. Sero is defeated and Todoroki apologizes since he was mad about something during their match.

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