Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 14-18: Mother of Recaps

Ain’t this just the latest I’ve ever been.

It’s a strange feeling I have since I actually read ahead of the series and knew what was going to happen so technically, I could have written this up way earlier. This was also my most anticipated series of the season yet me being aware of its events made me prioritize other things than watching how its scenes were adapted. Thankfully we’re here now so let’s get this out of the way so I can judge if Bahamut was worth watching or not.

We return to the world of heroes and Aizawa returns from his quick hospitalization to announce the importance of the upcoming U.A Sports Festival that not only shows off the up-and-coming heroes to be to the world but also get them publicized and get some interested parties to work under them. Deku in particular gets called into private conversation with All Might where he shares his intent to have Izuku do proficiently in the sports festival to show the world that a stand-out hero is among the already impressive roster assembled in Class 1-A. After an extremely quick training montage, and an equally quick introduction to the jobber class 1-B, we get into the brunt of the sports festival where the first event quickly presents itself as an obstacle course. Todoroki, who previously made a letter of challenge claiming his superiority to Deku zips ahead, with a select few being able to avoid his frozen trail. Bakugo makes for his primary competition as he is able to keep himself afloat with his explosions. Deku continues to make his way through the race and the last leg has the kids make their way through a non-lethal minefield. Todoroki and Bakugo get compete and impede each other while Deku reaches the final section and piles the mines atop each other and uses its blast to propel himself to the front. Deku takes the first round but the next event is a human cavalry battle and Deku’s head is worth 1 million points for his previous victory.

Deku quickly finds a friend in Uraraka to be his first ally and then meets with Mei Hatsume, an eccentric inventor from the Support Class who makes gadgets to help heroes out who notices Deku’s top position a prime chance to show off her work. Deku invites Iida to join him but the latter turns him down and states that from the onset of their meeting, he has been beaten several times and even Iida wishes to be a “rival” to Deku and aim for greater heights. Deku surveys the other team and finds Todoroki with Yayorozu, Kaminari, and Iida while Bakugou has Kirishima, Mina, and Sero. Deku makes his choice and Tokoyami is his last man. Deku’s team is obviously the primary target by the other two of his classmate’s teams as well as Mineta’s who paired up with Shouji and Tsuyu but Class B’s works becomes noticed as they had all decided to work together to outdo Class A by manner of eliminating them from advancing by attrition. Deku’s team is cornered by Todoroki’s team while Bakugo works against Monoma’s Copy ability. Iida reveals the higher limits of his abilities and allows Todoroki to speed by and snatch the headband off Deku, which pushes him to the offensive. Meanwhile Bakugo’s sheer tenacity allows him to break past Monoma’s smug confidence and Bakugo wins his headbands back and trails after Todoroki and Deku, whom the two enter a power struggle as Deku utilizes One For All to swat Todoroki’s arm to open him up. Deku grabs a headband but Todoroki managed to shift his collected headbands, which led to Deku grabbing one that was worth less.

Deku and co. make one last charge as the final seconds clock down. Bakugo joins the fray and jumps off of his teammates to enter the trio of clashes, only for the time to run out and have all three back away from each other. Todoroki’s team comes in first place while an angry Bakugo leads his team in second. Shinso of Class B takes third place as he leaves his confused teammates in the dust. Last but not least happens to be Deku’s team after the opening Deku made against Todoroki allowed Tokoyami’s Shadow to snatch some points in the confusion.

The first episode unfortunately had to fills us in on the exposition before everything started to kick-off. BnHA’s sports festival arc happens to be one I enjoy so I relished the chance to see it finally animated and so far it has not disappointed me. The fact that this is going to be 24 episodes also fill me joy since that will not only cover this arc in its entirety but also address Todoroki and Iida’s arcs with the Hero Killer arc which is the point where I got hooked into the series. This leads me to talk about the new opening and endings. I can’t tell you how much I love porno graffiti’s opening and Brian the Sun’s passionate ending so the new opening and endings were a mixed bag. They were honestly great but they just aren’t the originals, but I know they’ll grow on me. I fully expect the opening to change though since we’ll be moving past the sports festival after a while and this goes double for the ending since it focuses on the girls, who hilariously don’t get all that much focus since the season will focus on Iida and Todoroki instead. It’s cute but I definitely didn’t expect it.

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