Music of the Week #291

Almost there

I always hate having a music post right above a music post but my recent obsession with JRPGs is really taking my toll on my late-night activities. I’ve written up Hero Academy and all that needs to be done is Bahamut’s which I sadly haven’t started but if I’m going to cover it, I hope the last slew of episodes retain my attention. Otherwise Hero Academia will be sole thing covered this season. Maybe it’s for the best.

Anyways, we trudge along through more bloody streets into a something more fiery and poisonous. The Blood Starved Beast awaits those who enter the chapel in Old Yharnam past another cathedral filled with beastmen guarded by the Old Hunter Djura, who became their guardian after witnessing the tragedy of Old Yharnam going down in flames. The BSB is a particularly vicious creature who’s most striking feature is its torn back-skin draping over its upperbody like some bloody shawl. It flaps wildly in accordance to its frantic movements and attacks and it proves as a tough obstacle for those who didn’t buy the Hunter Chief Emblem to enter the Grand Cathedral in the Cathedral Ward.