Music of the Week #290


With Onihei finally done I can get back and move forward with the Season and lo and behold, there’s only 2 series I’m going to be covering and they’re both continuations from previous seasons. Hero Academia should come as no surprise since I’m very much taken with the series and where the adaptation is going to cover is where the series really hit it off for me. The other one isn’t Attack on Titan but Shingeki no Bahamut since I’m way more invested in that series since I adored the first season while the literal years to get AoT’s 2nd season really made me forget and disconnect with all of it. I had my own complaints with AoT during that time as well so I’m not all that interested in getting back into it.

This week’s theme is the Cleric Beast theme that doubles as the theme for Vicar Amelia. One of the more ominous tracks that I actually prefer over Gascoigne’s Hunter theme. Cleric Beasts give us an explanation how devout members of the Healing Church become that more prominent in becoming a characteristic beast compared to the others. There’s something to appreciate more with Bloodborne’s inner-workings a bit more than Dark Souls’ convoluted time-lines and cycles.