Music of the Week #289

Still swamped

I promised that I’d be caught up with the new season by the time the week was over and here we are. On the plus side, Onihei is the only thing remaining from last season while I’ll just be able to get Episodes 1-2 with the new season, which honestly enough, will just end up with me covering Hero Academy and only that since I haven’t seen anything else in the list that really interested me. We’ll figure that out for sure once Onihei is up and I’m real close to its finishing point.

Until then, more of Bloodborne’s beautifully intimidating soundtrack with this week’s tune: The Hunter. Father Gascoigne is the technical first real boss in the game when you consider that he’s the first of the mandatory bosses to continue with the game. After traversing a portion of Yharnam’s sewers and crossing another bridge, you enter the Tomb of Oedon where Gascoigne is found chopping up a body and clearly turning into a beast. The tragedy of Gascoigne is compounded when you discover that he’s a devout father of two and his wife had set out that night to find him, only to be presumably killed by him in his beast-like trance. His daughter gives you a choice to try and save her by seeking refuge in a chapel but is consumed by an enormous pig on her way there. Gascoigne fully gives in to his beasthood halfway through the fight but this can be accelerated if you use a Music Box that belonged to his wife to disorient him but after 3 times, he fully gives in to his inner nature.