Music of the Week #288


Swamped with so many things to do and keep up with but in a good sort of way that I can’t wait each new day to get them done. Mostly games and all that but it’s been quite an enjoyable time. Still hasn’t hit me that Dark Souls is “over” yet but I’ve been getting into some other games to kill that gap in the meantime. I’m half-way through with the series reviews and I’m confident I’ll be able to get them out and the new series recaps on the weekend before the week is up so look forward to those.

So let’s get on with our music spotlight with the hub music for Bloodborne in the captivating Hunter’s Dream, one of the many dream worlds that exist in a completely separate reality from the real and “waking” world. Out of all the hub worlds, the Hunter’s Dream is the most unique of them all as it features only 2 NPCs and is its own separate world that is the clearly somewhere outside of regular reach. It’s nature as a dream world as well as its origins with Gehrman also leads it to be the most unique of hubs in series, even if most other hubs in the game are connected to the game’s final events.