Masamune-kun no Revenge- No Revenge

The season’s popular romcom comes to an end with a less than satisfying note. I’ve probably told my run-in with this series before the anime’s airing but I’ll go over it anyway: The first thing I saw from this series was a single panel from the first chapter where it showed Masamune’s mom and I just couldn’t bear looking at it for a bit. That was around a year and a half ago before they announced the animation project and I think there was something going on me with the time about disliking how the loli bodytype was being over-used and how it mostly lost its comedic impact.

Nonetheless, my interest in the series mostly grew back somehow. I admit I had no expectations other than Aki acting like an uppity snob and looking forward to some banter and I got exactly that for a few episodes. How were the rest? Well let’s find out.

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