Winter 2017 Anime Recap: Week 11

The last week before Series reviews.

The season started with out with some keen interest and entertaining premises before a particular amount sort of soured through the middle. However, I can’t lie that this season was a nice change of pace after nothing but Jojo and it was overall a very fun experience. Not perfect but damn did I enjoy it. Onihei, for better or for worse, has one more episode before it gets its series review so it’s 11th episode won’t be covered unless it’s just that damn good. But until then, see you for those series reviews coming this week.

Onihei (10): A restless Ojun asks Heizo to tell her a story and her father tells the tale of Wasuke, a prolific but aged thief who masqueraded as a carpenter and made numerous small trap-doors to rob his clients without anyone being the wiser. Wasuke apparently sired a son and left him in the care of two of his loyal followers who happily raised the child until his older years. Wasuke frequently visited the “family” and posed as the boy’s uncle and on one year, Wasuke is overjoyed to hear that his son became employed under a successful business. However, Wasuke overhears how the business’ employees find Wasuke inadequate and the father and son peer over the river in solitude. Wasuke’s son is later falsely accused of embezzling the store’s funds and commits suicide. His “parents” are also found dead by the river in a similar suicide case. Wasuke is overcome with guilt and anger and strikes up his old compatriots for one more job against the business that forced his son’s hand. Hikojyu, who was acquainted with Wasuke, informs Heizo of their grand thievery and he takes his troops and sets up on the bridge overlooking Wasuke and co’s river escape route. Wasuke and co finish robbing the business store’s ryo and hop on their boat but find trouble on the bridge. Wasuke happily announces that they’ll need speed to get away and orders his men to toss the ryo into the river and they reluctantly do so. The business owner who forced Wasuke’s son’s death watches in horror as the river glowed gold and the shredded contracts flew in the air as Heizo watched Wasuke succumb to his old age with a smile on his face in avenging his son. While I loved this episode, there wasn’t some direct retribution and pay off from Wasuke’s efforts compared to the other episodes were Heizo directly gets involved.

Masamune-kun (11): The two classes continue their race to perform the better rendition of their play while Masamune gets a cold after his workout sessions and fit with his mother and sister. On the day of the play, Neko notices Masamune’s fatigue and brings him to the infirmary where she tells him to rest since her history with illness made it as clear as day that Masamune was afflicted. She leaves to bring him some drinks but one of the trio of girls that follow Aki around takes advantage of Masamune’s weakness and brings him to another room and completely stuffs him between a mattress roll. Now without their main lead, Class B is in trouble but thankfully, Yoshino thought a step ahead and locks Kanetsugu in the gym shed after she tricks him into changing there. Both leads are captured and Masamune is able to outsmart his dumb guard and gets control of the situation since Class A’s play starts first but he is shocked to hear when Class A’s play is already underway without Kanetsugu being present. The series will most likely go for an anime-original ending given that we’ll need a proper conclusion after the foreshadowed event comes in. I wonder how that’s going to play out.

Seiren (11): Shoichi and Kyouko try to inadvertently one up each other as Kyouko attempts to appear more womanly and less of an underclassmen. Shoichi tries to be more reliable and the duo’s exchange settle on Shoichi being the “older sister next door” classification for some reason. Kyouko gifts Shoichi with some underwear, as that seems to be the literal “item” of contention more often than not in her arc. The Home Ec. club is relieved of their duty now that they’ve finished their Christmas tree in lieu of the Disciplinary Committee’s wishes. On the way back home, Shoichi sees Ikuo venting out his grief and frustration where he asked Tooru and her friend for a mask so he could hide his face for a bit. Apparently, his plan to go out with his old crush was rejected and Shoichi takes his friend’s lesson to heart to try and become more assertive. I’m liking what the next episode is titled so hopefully Kyouko can bump Seiren’s score up a bit.

Demi-chan (11): Takahashi prepares to brainstorm some ideas to help out Hikari and Kusakabe in the summer but he is lightly reprimanded by the Vice Principal who deems Takahashi to be coddling and inadvertently monopolizing the demi-students’ social behaviors in making them too reliant on him and not on others. This has Takahashi pondering over his actions and he decides to think for himself and decides to stay out of the trio’s antics. The three get curious on what happened with Takahashi’s mood and as they leave to consult Satou, we have the other non-demi students ponder on the nature of how to correctly “treat” their irregular peers. Hikari runs into this crowd and is told of what the VP told Takahashi and she decides to organize a small gift for Takahashi. After school, Takahashi genuflects on the beach shore and receives a large video addressed to him. Kusakabe, Machi, and Satou send their regards through the video thanking him for his genuine interest and efforts in improving their attitude and lives as the video ends, Takahashi has tears forming. Hikari surprises him and she gives her own show of thanks and yells at the sunset of her appreciation. It’s always stories with family and expectations as well as appreciation and mentor-ship that tug at my heartstrings the easiest. This episode, while not inducing tears from me, definitely was pulling on my emotional side pretty well.

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