Music of the Week #285


In the clear


Every waking hour is either rewatching Gametrailers Retrospectives or stretching my right index finger since Trails in the Sky is a very text-heavy and clickety click game. I should really find a way to run without holding the mouse down but whatever. It’s nice having a lot to do but you’ve probably heard me say that a bunch of times already this entire season.

So instead of wasting more time getting sentimental on how much more I’m enjoying the two main mediums of entertainment, let’s talk more about Bleach. After some filler and more fights starring ruse-master Aizen, we move into the final segments of the Fake Karakura Town arc were the Vizards are here to play and Aizen remains to troll even harder. Aside from the music being exciting accompanied by its smooth visuals and actions scenes, the reason I’m showcasing this is the mightiest feature any opening can pull on me: Nostalgia. The last few seconds has the scenes play back in reverse and shows us the earlier scenes in the series when these kids being in highschool was a relevant point and the first meeting between Ichigo and Rukia as well as the butterfly the latter sent out.

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