Music of the Week #287

That’s that

There’s a mixed bag of emotions swirling in me right now since I just finished The Ringed City. I’ll speak more of it when I get my thoughts collected but it feels weird again not having anything in between music posts. I’ve been utterly consumed with stuff to do and play so I haven’t been able to tackle the series recaps properly but I’m getting through the first tone. Hopefully by the weekend, I can get some real time with them.

So let’s continue with this nightmare, have some of the Night Unfurls, the real title screen music for Bloodborne. Not much else to say other than it sets the stage once again for what kind of experience Bloodborne delivers in its atmospheric and special brand of body horror that differentiates itself from the rest of the Souls series.

Music of the Week #286


As you can tell, the Bleach spotlight is over. Once Ichigo utilized the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with his dad to learn his new “final” technique and go a step beyond Aizen. Ichigo loses his powers, the ultimate evil Aizen is defeated, and the series should have ended right there. If only that were the case since the Fullbring Arc takes place next and I actually couldn’t believe that the series was continuing. They went off and decided to explain the basis of Chad and Orihime’s abilities while setting up for the final arc involving the Quincy. Apparently it’s pretty good but my interest in Bleach dropped off a sheer cliff after Ichigo first lost his powers.

So with my entry into the new-gen, I finally got my chance to continue with the Souls-Borne series and now Bloodborne can finally have it’s turn. We start off with the opening theme of the game where we get an ominous menu/load theme to welcome us back into the nightmare. It’s definitely one of the louder and upfront intro themes in the series.

Winter 2017 Anime Recap: Week 11

The last week before Series reviews.

The season started with out with some keen interest and entertaining premises before a particular amount sort of soured through the middle. However, I can’t lie that this season was a nice change of pace after nothing but Jojo and it was overall a very fun experience. Not perfect but damn did I enjoy it. Onihei, for better or for worse, has one more episode before it gets its series review so it’s 11th episode won’t be covered unless it’s just that damn good. But until then, see you for those series reviews coming this week.

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Music of the Week #285

In the clear


Every waking hour is either rewatching Gametrailers Retrospectives or stretching my right index finger since Trails in the Sky is a very text-heavy and clickety click game. I should really find a way to run without holding the mouse down but whatever. It’s nice having a lot to do but you’ve probably heard me say that a bunch of times already this entire season.

So instead of wasting more time getting sentimental on how much more I’m enjoying the two main mediums of entertainment, let’s talk more about Bleach. After some filler and more fights starring ruse-master Aizen, we move into the final segments of the Fake Karakura Town arc were the Vizards are here to play and Aizen remains to troll even harder. Aside from the music being exciting accompanied by its smooth visuals and actions scenes, the reason I’m showcasing this is the mightiest feature any opening can pull on me: Nostalgia. The last few seconds has the scenes play back in reverse and shows us the earlier scenes in the series when these kids being in highschool was a relevant point and the first meeting between Ichigo and Rukia as well as the butterfly the latter sent out.

Winter 2017 Anime Recap: Week 10

Onihei hits with another effective episode.

I tried to get this one out a bit quicker since other hobbies are starting to pile up on my free time. Would have gotten this earlier if I didn’t stay up til 5 playing games and cursing daylight savings for robbing me of 1 hour to play more games but oh well. I’m sad to see this season go but we’re reaching that point where I’ll be tackling seasonal reviews. Onihei is sitting on a weird spot since it’s one episode behind so 2 of its final episodes won’t be getting covered unless I like it so much that I go out of my way to do so. We’ll see when the time comes.

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Music of the Week #284

Off we go


The nostalgia train is in full effect since I’ve reread a couple things to prepare for the next season as well as rereading even more series to jog my memory on exactly why I liked a series in the first place. Hell, I even watched the latest Naruto episodes where everyone is wracking their heads to get a gift for Naruto and Hinata, it’s relaxing and unbelievably strange watching. Couple that with having Sleeping Dogs and Trails in the Sky in my backlog and I’ve got myself more things than I realized to do. That’s as far as my explanations for the delay goes.

This week’s Bleach opening marks the entry into the Fake Karakura Town Arc, the real point in the series where the series starts to tank. Whereas the monotonous fights were broken up with getting to specific locations and even some infighting in the Arrancars, the FKT arc features non-stop fighting between the rest of the Court Guard Squad leaders and Aizen’s retinue of his two subordinates along with the Top 3 Espadas with their underlings. That isn’t to say all of it was bad, but how it was handled with Aizen being so laughably strong was what really soured the experience. I never cared for Harribel but Starkk and Barragan’s stories were just fine, the lieutenants getting their chance to shine was fine, Hisagi and Jobmamura’s confrontation with Tousen was fine, the Vizards were fine, even Gin’s conclusion was fine, but all of that led up to Aizen plowing through them all and he himself getting plowed in one shot by Ichigo fresh out of the Hyperbolic Time Gap with his dad.

Winter 2017 Anime Recap: Week 9

Onihei is dethroned of anime of the week.

Mostly because I found it’s past three episodes so much more satisfying. The season is nearing its end and I’m sad to see it go since this is a season that I genuinely enjoyed, and you don’t really hear me saying that, ever. Next season has the 2nd season of BnHA of which I am really eager to see and guess what? 6 freaking harem series, so let’s reignite that fire again with cynicism and losing more faith in the medium.

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