Music of the Week #282



My lack of patience made me cancel that Nioh order that was taking a whole month to get me. I was thinking of saving money through my Prime account nabbed me at around 10 dollars but if I really wanted it, I could have just walked to my local Gamestop to pick it up. DMC4: SE has been sustaining me for a bit and I realized at how the PS3 version took 4 gigs on its own. DMC4 was my first PS3 game and I remember it being the only game I had for an entire year and the nostalgia hit me like a ton of bricks but with some more gigs to work with, I can finally practice Guilty Gear.

Anyways, the week already started strong with Onihei’s stellar episode so I’m in great mood for the next few episodes. Looking ahead, we have the conclusion of Tooru’s story in Seiren, Masamune is one episode away from the “final” arc’s start, and Demi-chan is something I still haven’t caught up with but I still have good hopes for more Sensei.

Moving onto the opening for this week, we skip Bleach’s 4 opening since that covers one of the infamous filler arcs in the series. Bleach’s filler arcs are something I thankfully never had to watch but I do hear terrible things about them. I admit to liking one of the openings for the later filler arcs but the Bount Arc is something that never really interested me in the slightest. So on we go to the actual continuation of the Soul Society Arc with the introduction of Arrancars, the advanced forms of hollows. A lot of songs from yui sound similar but coupled with the visuals of urban battle, I can at least say the Arrancar arc is the least boring out of the next few arcs to come.