Winter 2017 Anime Recap: Week 7

Here we go.

Onihei pulls another fantastic episode while the other episodes had their own decent episodes but just weren’t able to get the featured image spot. Masamune was still pretty enjoyable and Seiren is finally able to get some romance across but I’m still wary on how things will end. Demi-chan’s episode was pretty good with even more nuances given to the setting, especially with a police force specifically made to profile succubi.


Onihei (6): Heizo sets off on a trip to visit his father’s grave and his wife asks for Chugo to accompany him along the way. Chugo’s talkative nature and high-libido has Heizo promptly giving him money to go mess around with girls while he himself enjoyed a quiet trip to the next checkpoint. Heizo runs into and saves a couple from some thugs but the latter turned out to be some enforcers and the couple turn out to be thieves that are captured and taken away. Down the road, Heizo fails to notice and old man sneak up to him and the latter strikes up a conversation. Heizo quickly tries to rid of him and continue on his tranquil journey and later that night, he runs into the same old man at the roadside inn. The old man introduces himself as Zenpachi, and in their shared drunkenness, he proclaims he is a master thief who witnessed Heizo’s abilities and wants him to accompany him in a robbery against a corrupt official near them. Heizo decides to go with the plan and forges a fake surname. Seeing as though Zenpachi seems to adhere to a code that resembles the one Kumehachi spoke of and with the corruption in the local landlords, Heizo follows through. Zenpachi infiltrates their target location and lets Heizo in later that night and they raid the supply room and also gain the assistance of the young couple Heizo saw get taken away. As they escape, Zenpachi misplaces one of his belongings and runs back, where Heizo narrowly saves him from death. After the successful raid, the belonging Zenpachi returned to get was his life’s work, a booklet that he compiled detailing the skills, equipment, house blue prints, and its inhabitant’s personalities for a thief to succeed him. With his crippling affliction, Zenpachi feels that Heizo would be worthy to succeed him and bids for him to take his book. The authorities however arrive Heizo stands up for Zenpachi, which prompts Chugo to come along and reveal Heizo as THE Hasegawa Heizo and the others back down under guilt of corruption. Zenpachi is surprised beyond belief as Heizo was the reason he never tried to steal anything from Edo. A quick doctor’s appointment, courtesy of Heizo has the old man’s life expectancy be about 10 more years and his affliction was more from his mental health and fear of death. Zenpachi offers himself to be turned in but Heizo decides to let the old man go free. The two separate and wish each other luck, with Heizo mentioning that he hopes to not be the one to catch him in Edo.


Masamune-kun (7): Masamune is able to drag himself and the other classmates on joining Aki and Yoshino to the former’s beach house resort for their break. Yoshino explains to Masamune that she wasn’t able to discern Neko’s true motivations and pressures him into making some progress with Aki on this trip, lest she reveals everything between them to Aki. We’re introduced to Aki’s father’s secretary with her own issues with men and nurtured Aki’s disdain for boys. Masamune’s appearance irritates her and he takes the leap into declaring that he’s Aki’s boyfriend and is able to rope Aki into playing along to keep up her appearances. Masamune then takes the chance ask the secretary if there’s any spots to sightsee and he is recommended the test of courage at the nearby abandoned school building. Masamune takes this chance to conspire with Yoshino to set up an event for himself with Aki but the secretary has plans of her own to scare Masamune off. Things go haywire and Masamune ends up inadvertently charming the secretary instead of Aki.


Seiren (7): Tsuneki and Shoichi have a quick conversation about Tooru’s issue with her staggeringly high ability in games that strained hre relationship making skills. Shoichi visits Tooru’s house and meets her older brother, who happened to be the sunglass-wearing, bamboo-blade-totting instructor that we met in the previous timeline. The one that Shoichi successfully weirded out in the bath. Anyways, we learn of how Tooru’s gaming abilities led her to make many male friends and few female ones and he blames himself for her current state. Tooru herself also holds her brother in admiration for bringing her into the hobby and we get Tsuneki being cooler outside her own arc where she covers Shoichi on one of Tooru’s doubts. Shoichi later brings Tooru to an older arcade her used to frequent and the two enjoy their time. A few days later, after some loneliness kicks in, Tooru approaches Shoichi in accompanying her to the Comiket-esque event with her friends and he accepts after an admittedly dense moment.


Demi-chan (7): We’re introduced to police special force members Kurtz and Ugaki. The former being an anti-succubus youth who has a noticeable inability to mask his intentions and the former being his “boss” who happened to be previously acquainted with Satou. Kurtz apparently is immune to a succubi’s natural ability to charm others and seems to be fixated on keeping Satou “safe” from the lecherous eyes of her students, in a light case at least. Ugaki himself is revealed to keep in regular contact with Satou as his primary means of work is to profile succubi and discern if they used their abilities to get others arrested and nuances that come with their intentions in using their powers for their own gains. He comes to understand that Satou has found herself someone she likes and later converses with Takahashi on his own interests in demihumans.

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