Music of the Week #281

Holding out


I completely forgot the Special Edition for DMC4 existed and promptly got it. Now with around 5-6 modes and 4 character modes to mess around with, I think I’ll be good for a bit until all the actually “new new” stuff release/ship to me. It’s exactly because of my completionism that I’m going through every mode with every character that made me late on this one so at least I’m entertained.

I’ll tell you one thing though, Onihei’s episode from last week and this week’s were absolutely fantastic and I’m really looking forward to some competition if any of this week’s other episodes can entertain me as greatly. Moving on to the music, I had a tough time deciding which version of the prolific 3rd ending for Bleach that showcased all 13 of its variations with their Captain and Vice Captain. So give a real quick rundown, I never cared for Squads 1, 2, and 4 were unmemorable while Squad 3 had all the flak going on. Squad 5 was of course interesting because of smug glasses Aizen which I rarely ever associate with him again because he spends so much time in the series without the glasses, and the whole deal with his subordinate never mattered again. 6 had prettyboy Byakuya and cool guy Renji so it was a half and half. 7 never mattered to me because its captain was jobber #1 who pulled out his bankai willy nilly while his lieutenant NEVER mattered. 8 was pretty cool since Shunsui was always the coolest. 9 had Hisagi and I’m enough of a Katsuyuki Konishi fan to overlook Tousen and his betrayal. I never liked Hitsugaya and Rangiku only remained interesting with her parts with Gin. Squad 11 was never not entertaining but it was somewhat bullshit as the series went on. Squad 12 was the weirdo divison, Squad 13 was also pretty uninteresting and I always notice how Jushiro’s shikai release animation was recycled so many times throughout the series.

Critical stuff aside, these were quite the entertaining things to watch back when the entire Soul Society arc gave us a window to the lives of its big players. The little start with the main crew making their way to their destination always helped with the scope of how large the Soul Society as a geographical location piqued the explorer bit in me. A lot of personality went into these and it was the large part of why Bleach was successful and also why it tapered of. A big cast is always fun to work with but finding a way to constantly incorporate them into other ideas leads to its misuse.