Music of the Week #280

The long haul


Considering on re-purchasing Demon’s Souls for posterity while maybe getting Phantom Pain to hold me over for a month before the last Dark Souls 3 DLC comes out. But I just preordered Nioh so none of that is going to matter for a few months. I appreciate that I can finally get into some serious youkai slaying that doesn’t involve me being a wolf.

And speaking of youkai slaying with or without swords, we continue with Bleach’s music spotlight with its 3rd opening. It still focuses on the Soul Society and its final moments were our resident Mr. Perfect Pretty boy Byakuya fights against Ichigo who just got out of the hyperbolic time chamber and got access to his bankai. I don’t lie that seeing these things were cool but the whole shtick of bankais being only accessible in some ridiculous odds to any shinigami in their lifetime and then having most of the cast show off theirs in the following arcs killed off its specialty. But consider this one of the last markers of when Bleach was still widely accepted as being “good”.