Winter 2017 Anime Recap: Week 5

And here we go.

So why did Masamune win again? Partly because that face and Aki’s figure was nice but mostly because the actual winner, Seiren, is something I’m staying cautiously wary on. I like the new arc-girl, Tooru, a lot so I don’t wish for a Tsuneki-tier ending so while I liked the new episode to a degree, I’m trying to be as cautious as possible not to place my hopes in something that will never happen. On the other end, Demi-chan’s episode was par for the course, Takahashi is an intrepid student where monsters are involved and we get a funny little exchange near the end.


Onihei (4): Heizo is visited by Omasa, a young girl he knew back when he used to frequent her family’s bar where her affiliation with a gang has her plead for his help in stopping them. Apparently one of the raids had her sister be killed in the middle of it so her loyalties are shook. Omasa’s undercover efforts are also assisted by the old man, Hikojyu from a few episodes back and they try to tail the gang leader Genpachi where his secrecy in the gang’s raiding targets force them to try and collect as much information as they can. Omasa and Hikojyu trail Genpachi down to their hideout building and she bids Hikojyu to report back to Heizo while she shortly gets caught and taken away. Heizo and Hikojyu trail the blood trail left by Omasa and they reach a sizable building outside of town and Heizo Solid Snakes it up alone while he sends Hikojyu to get the others. Heizo saves Omasa from certain rape and hides her while he goes to town a large number of goons before he is outnumbered but helps arrives in time. Omasa soon recovers and is essentially taken in as a spy for the Arson Theft Control. Truth be told, I’m looking forward to the next episode but this episode thankfully didn’t have anyone die or be too tragic so I guess the impact wasn’t as strong but it was still an enjoyable episode, got to really see Heizo live up to his moniker.


Masamune-Kun (5): Aki’s confession is halted with the appearance of Fujinomiya Neko, a girl with obvious ties with Masamune’s past but she foregoes explaining any of that to us and she makes her exit. Masamune’s progress with Aki is crushed and his attempts to make up with her are halted when Yoshino is ordered to keep him away from her. Yoshino herself questions what in the world happened and hears him out of the factor that was out of his control. Neko shows up in Masamune’s class as the new student and she is instantly beloved by the class and Masamune’s attempts to talk to her reveal that she transferred into the school to meet him and a strange story she shares clearly sounds off as it details how Masamune ran into her 3 years ago while in reality, he was still a fat little shit 3 years ago. Since the story didn’t add up, he takes her outside were we learn a bit of her medical complications but Masamune takes the chance to shut her down for the sake of his plans, but this leads to Neko confronting Aki in the latter’s classroom. Aside from the fact that Neko doesn’t wear panties, Masamune confronts Aki where her little outburst hits a teacher and the two are forced to clean the pool. Things escalate to a point where Aki asks Masamune to prove that he likes her and asks for an inquisitive proof by means of a kiss.


Seiren (5): The clock gets reset and we join Shoichi, Ikuo, and Araki playing some PSP games near the stairwell and their commotion attracts Miyamae Tooru, a 3rd year and fellow game enthusiast to join them. The trio soon becomes a 4-man gaming circle and they purchase a new game together and get to know each other better, Shoichi of course becomes “closest” to Tooru with his open admiration toward her skills and the likes which she seems to appreciate and make up for. The two play some games together and face off against some kids who frequent the arcades and the competitive spirit that Tooru apparently had in her earlier years is reignited and she asks if Shoichi could become her competitive partner and he accepts. So already, this is looking like a better arc than Tsuneki’s but I’ll be sure to temper my expectations but if one things for sure, I definitely like Toru more than Tsuneki.


Demi-Chan (5): The episode focuses on the problems with Kusakabe, the yuki-onna whose primary characteristics are with the cold and the negative spectrum of emotions with sadness and grief given their nature in stories. Half the episode focuses on her fears of hurting others with the freezing aspect of her abnormality and how she seems to generate ice in the bath but not lower its temperature. Takahashi figures it out and reveals her issue to be cold sweat and alleviates most of her fears of interacting with others and she finally makes friends with those around her. Then the last part is straight comedy where we get naming distinctions, was pretty nice.

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