Music of the Week #278

Rolling rolling rolling


I’ve been so content with this season that I forgot to mention all the smaller things, which in retrospect is a lot less relevant than actually talking about anime on an anime site, that I’ve been doing in the meantime. I got back into Pokemon a few weeks ago where I finished Pokemon Sun’s main “story” and decided to double-back a generation to clean up loose ends with Gen 6 with Pokemon X. I’ve had it for around two years and finally got a chance to play it and damn, did its controls and graphics take a while to get used to. I guess I expected the same fluidity in movement like Sun/Moon but I can really appreciate how much Sun/Moon advanced the series in a technical aspect. As if that didn’t dominate my free time, I just bought Dark Souls 3 and have been playing it in near 6 hour increments.

Don’t send help, I’m loving this

Anyways, we have the start to Bleach’s unrivaled era, the Soul Society Arc. Our ragtag team of friends break into the relatively new environment filled with new characters and nuances to save Rukia from her judgment. Not only did this clearly showcase an “Us vs. Them” conflict between the protagonists and the Soul Society’s higher ups, it also led to a semi-civil war between its own members that I always found to be more entertaining than what would inevitably follow in a weekly shounen series. So much enough that I feel like I didn’t give this arc that much respect and it’s something I’m seriously considering to rewatch. While the opening isn’t as stylish, which does come later, it definitely sets the stage for one of the most memorable arcs in shounen history.