Winter 2017 Anime Recap: Week 3

And off we continue with the proper episode counts. Now ordered by release time.

I thoroughly enjoyed this week and I think, if I haven’t thought of this before or alluded to it in any way, the featured image “rule” will determine which show won my favor in the week. Why might I have not done this before? Well I didn’t exactly enjoy every show I was watching and this is one of the few times, if not the only time, that I have enjoyed a season in a long while.

Feels real good, and there’s even better things to come so I can’t wait for that.


Onihei (2): I cannot freaking tell you how much I love the music in this series. From the opening to the ending, from just watching Heizo reminisce as he walks around the town he used to live in, this shit is just blowing me away. Now some people definitely aren’t home with this kind of music but honestly, anything with some instrumental flairs, reprieves, and the likes make me adore the soundtrack. Moving forward with the episode, it focused on one of Heizo’s old companions and his love-less story where the girl he adored during their youths becomes involved with criminal activity after misfortune fell upon her. The episode took away with an interesting quote stating how we only have the present and shouldn’t find ourselves too concerned with the past. Next episode seems to show that our handsomely voiced Kumehachi might return so I’m looking forward to it.


Masamune-Kun (3): Aki and Yoshino compete with Masamune and Hayami-trap over their lackey’s test scores. Masamune makes a bet to try and get her on a date and decide to see which pair gets the higher score on their tests, lest the entire grade go through supplementary classes. Masamune is able to win with Aki catching a cold and sitting out of one of the testing days and Yoshino arranges for an silly, cosplay-tier outfit for Aki to wear on her “date”. Masamune however sits through it and even saves her some embarrassment, even when getting back at her was his goal. The day comes to an end and Yoshino seems intent on teaching her master some humility in coordination with Masamune. Before you ask, yes, I’m going to try and use every screencap to be Aki with her little eyes.


Seiren (3): Tsuneki continues to butt in on Shoichi’s studying and she decides to show up one night in his room to entertain herself. The duo, at least Shoichi, tries to stay a step ahead of her and be more daring, which he becomes unnerved about when Tsuneki goes along with his suggestions. Eventually, Tsuneki brings up her swimsuit and the duo move to the indoor pool where she shows it off, while Shoichi ends up covering himself with her pareo. After a mishap with one of the instructors, Shoichi brings up her regrets in not being able to hang out with her friends and he brings up the person she works with and if she likes him. Tsuneki corrects him that he’s just her boss but also mentions how she got fired and initially suspects Shoichi being the one who ratted her out but she dismisses him. As the training camp ends, Shoichi finds that Tsuneki has stopped talking to him as frequently as she did and when school starts, he finds Tsuneki being very fixated on how one of her friends has hooked up with one of his upper-classmen. I think I should address this point now since we’re on the third episode of Tsuneki’s 4 episode arc and we still haven’t really seen any progress with Tsunkei. Sure they’re interacting and Shoichi’s imagination is running wild but whereas most Amagami girls would be head over heels for Junichi, Tsuneki’s barely been progressing so I’m curious to how the next episode will play out.


Demi-chan to Kataritai (3): Satou-sensei gets her spotlight today with her problems of being a succubus and how it impedes on her daily life. Even the slightest contact or body language can incur some erotic suggestions and feelings to arouse from the opposite sex. Even when she falls asleep, she will unconsciously influence the dreams of the males around her. For this reason, she lives in a cabin away from society and is always the first to arrive and last to leave from the school. Her romantic life is also jeopardized from this as attraction towards her is more hormonal and based on lust and not truly from affection. Takahashi however runs into her and seems to be perfectly fine after physical contact, but not really, however as far as Satou knows, she feels that he might be the one. Takahashi and Hikari continue with vampire tendencies while Machi and Satou seem to share in their love for Takahasi’s SWOLE AS FUCK ARMS. We end the episode with the Yuki-onna being bullied and Takahashi walking in on her sulking. This episode was the one I was waiting for to see our self-limiting succubus struggle through her life and sort of let loose on her desire.

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