Music of the Week #277

Free time?


It’s tough to describe this feeling of anticipation I hadn’t felt in a long while for new weekly anime releases. Sure I felt something similar when Jojo was airing but there’s a difference between watching something I already know what’s going to happen in the adaptation and watching something completely blind. In my case, around half of these series have manga source materials which I can go look up and get caught up with. Masamune-kun and Demi-chan stand in these regards but both are relatively new so there’s not much to completely get ahead of. The former in particular since it seems that we’ll be getting a lot of the manga’s material in the adaptation. That leaves Seiren and Onihei, with the former being a completely anime original work while the latter is a TV Drama I probably won’t try to even find.

Anyways, we continue with Bleach’s 1st ending which I admittedly didn’t have too many chances to listen to because [adultswim] loves their openings but rarely lets the T.V versions of the endings play out, and if anything, it’s always just a credits slideshow instead of the proper ED sequences.