Winter 2017 Anime Recap: Week 1

That moment where you try to include as many shows into the “first” weekly post but now Episode 2 is out for some of these. Well fret not, I’ll another one of these up with either new shows or stick with my guns by the end of the week.

Been a while since some other, new anime was talked about here huh? What the newer seasons make up for in not saving battle harems for me to torture myself with anymore are more “casual” series for me to enjoy instead of dealing with forced and rushed drama battle harems tend to churn out every few months. It’ll be nice to take a more casual session through this season.

So rejoice, we’re doing something slightly different. Rather, we’re back to being normal.


Seiren: So if you haven’t heard, Seiren is the anime-original “successor” to Amagami that aired along with its sequel in 2010 and 2012 respectively. Taking place in the same universe and in the same school 9 years after Amagami’s events, we follow the romantic life of Kamita Shoichi. Whereas Junichi from Amagami had his backstory involve his heartbreak on Christmas, Shoichi’s character is a lot less depressing and a lot more in tune with self discovery. I can only imagine how long his own personal character is going to for before the romance kicks in but it did prove a decent set-up for his first romantic encounter. Apparently we’re only getting half of the girls so only 3 for this cour while the rest will hopefully be in the next tone. Our first girl is Tsuneki, one of the prettier girls in Shoichi’s class and I look forward to the rest of her arc. It goes without saying that I expect my heart to be warmed this Winter with this.


Masamune-Kun: I was aware of this particular manga series for it’s rather noticeable artstyle but admittedly, I learned of its existence through someone showing me a page of the main character’s mother who is 42 years old but is as short as a kindergartner, and this is still factoring in the general height in Asian. Anyways, I’ve been told that this series is monumentally stupid with its drawn out romance plot which I’ve seen compared to Nisekoi amounts of stupidity. Here’s the thing though, both series seem to suggest that the main girl, in this case Aki and Chitoge, will be the ones to win. I never gave too many licks about Nisekoi after I dropped the manga and I honestly never cared for a girl like Chitoge at all. I knew she would end up winning and it was one of many reasons why I dropped it. Aki is similarly quite a rude person as far as we know her and there’s this entire childhood friend connection thing going on but the thing is, I actually like her. I never once found Chitoge all that great while girls like Aki I can manage and even root for. Maybe I just don’t like tsundere blondes while I’m into tsundere black haired girls, but the colors usually denote their general character so I guess I like the refined lady type tsundere than the energetic and usually foreign ones.


Demi-Chan: Whereas Daily Lives with Monster Girls was something I couldn’t exactly stomach, Demi-chan was something that was recommended to me by a friend who doesn’t really hide his fetish for monster girls and while I can personally admit to liking a few of them, I’m definitely not too big on them as he is. Demi-chan isn’t all that groundbreaking yet but its pace and characters are something I can get into it. Instead of an equally aged protagonist in a highschool, we have the biology teacher Takahashi whose interest in the existence of “demi-humans” have him desire to know more about their lifestyle and life-science behind their transformations. Instead of the straight trope of monster girls, we have people that acquire these characteristics of “monsters” when they’re born and that alone gives me enough interest. And come on, the protagonist is voice by Junichi Suwabe and the succubus is someone who avoids the most amount of physical contact possible, that’s just too damn cute.


Onihei: I know myself to like historical dramas but they usually tend to favor genderbend stuff like Hakuoki or just use it as a setting backdrop like Gintama and the likes. The promotional image for Onihei interested me and I took a nice little source search to find that the series is already an established series of novels and TV Dramas that made its way into animation so I was impressed in seeing something slightly different than what I usually watch. So aside from the godly male voice cast present, I enjoyed the first episode a lot and I really hope that Hosoya gets to stay voicing for the series but probably not. However, there is one problem: WHY WAS THE CROWD CG DAMN IT.

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