Music of the Week #276

New Spotlights


So I had Bloodborne in mind for the next music spotlights since I FINALLY had a chance to play it and Dark Souls 3 will soon follow. Then I remembered that this technically still is an anime site and I was holding this back for a long while because I wanted to time it with the series’ end. Obviously I miss that end and honestly, when they said it was “in its final arcs” way back when, I expected a few more months but that turned out to be a few more years. Anyways, I think it’s the best time for this since Bleach, along with a lot of other long running shounen series, have a great repertoire of opening and endings themes.

And arguably, the first opening is one of the best. I distinctly remember encountering Bleach on [adultswim] when it aired in its english dub and to be honest, the only former Big 3 anime series that I watched before Toonami was actually One Piece while Naruto and Bleach never really got to me until I watched in the states. Bleach’s intro was interesting to say the least and my fondest memories of it was during the time the characters I posted above were relevant before every spread had Soul Society, Arrancar, and Quincies predominantly taking up the pictures. Those were much simpler times when it was just a group of oddities instead of large groups of characters that were pretty much obligated to be showcased for a majority of the time.