Music of the Week #275



Got my hands on Pokemon Sun after months of anticipation and like every stat-crazy player, I spent at least 2 hours restarting the game on and off to try and get my starter to have a decent nature. After at least half the tries had natures that affected nothing, I finally pulled a great one for my Rowlet. A delayed way to start off something great but hey, I’m finally back into Pokemon after completely sitting out of Gen 6. Think the biggest reason for that one is because I want a Greninja with its hidden ability which makes me reluctant starting the game because I need to plan in advance everything to get it, plus, it needs multiplayer/online activities to even get it. As if restarting everytime, fishing for natures wasn’t enough.

Anyways, today is the last Under Night music spotlight in the near future unless French Bread somehow pulls a fast one on us and localizes a new version of the game for console release like how they did EXE:Late and give us westerners a chance to not only play UNi[st] but the next “iteration” of the series. But until then, this is the last one for now and while it isn’t as smooth as Cross Thought, I’m glad this made it in. Hyde and Seth are both connected toward Linne and the whole Night Blade/Yato story with Hyde’s weapon being the key toward freeing Linne of her immortality. As stated before though, Hyde wants to delay her death a bit and just learn more of what she knows while Seth, who is dead-set on righting the wrongs of the clan, wishes to free Linne. That being said, he doesn’t really follow through with killing her anyway by the end of his story. Seth’s weapons apparently have the opposite effect that Hyde has but we’ve haven’t been told exactly what that means. There’s definitely more to be done with these two since they’re the primary Red vs Blue rivalry, I hope for more in the future. I think that’s the other tidbit here today to discuss, the future of Under Night’s rather disconnected plot but overarching story where Licht Kreis, Kuon, and Paradox still have ways to go to tell us. I’m hoping for Erika Wagner, the main “antagonist” in Gordeau and Chaos’ story to show up next.