Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable: A Slice of Jojo

Diamond Is Unbreakable is one of my favorite Parts and it starts the more complex and intricate nature of what Jojo becomes famous for. It’s the transition between the burly muscular men of Parts 1-3 and to the effeminate, lanky, and ever so slightly more realistic style that Araki shifted to during Parts 4-5 where the change is apparent. It’s also one of the Parts I was entirely excited about seeing animated because Part 3, being the most famous and widespread, had itself and OVA and other serialization attempts. Whereas the OVA had some of its own merits, Part 3’s complete anime-treatment was exciting on two levels. First, it was finally complete after decades of waiting and second, the infinitely superior successive Parts were to follow. Nothing against Parts 1-2, those were a blast to watch but Part 3 was when Stand battles taking the hit or miss “Enemy of the Week” format followed. A handful of these weekly battles were good but it was made up for with the Final Stretch with the lead up to DIO’s World which kind of made up for it.

Nonetheless, Part 4’s adaptation was something I went in with complete faith and as anyone who stuck with my weekly ramblings saw, my faith was shaken part way through. I’m going to keep this short since an in-depth review of this would just turn into a review of Part 4 as a whole. We can save that conversation for a later date but for now, I’ll just be judging the anime as an adaptation.

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