Music of the Week #274

Week vacation


Had an unexpected leave that had me unable to make my usual Wednesday post. I was able to finally enter the new gen and now am an owner of a PS4 and a nice 3DS XL so as if I didn’t have enough things to play, I finally am in an abundance of things to do to entertain myself. I’ll get into more detail on what games I intend to play but I spent the last 6 days beating Bloodborne and just shy of 3 items before I technically have everything for my trophy-whoring tendencies. And of course: Happy New Years

Anyways, I’m in a rush so let’s get this delayed music spotlight finished.

This week’s theme is the last of the individual character themes and it features the most recent addition to the cast: Mika Returna. Hailing from the squad of girls Orie leads, Mika is the team’s resident dumb brick of a powerhouse who fights with two enormous gauntlets that can also create explosions. Her EXS is classified as the ability of Fierce Advancement and is called Diesel while her gauntlets are called Pachibel Cannon and once you hear her theme, you’ll understand why this is. Like Phonon, there isn’t much to her story but Mika is around to help Orie in keeping Licht Kreis’ mission in keeping people safe during the Hollow Night.

Mika’s moves are similar to Phonon’s in a sense that a lot of her moves can be charged up. Where Mika lacks in range, she makes up for a some decent speed and her assortment of movement-based attacks such as her Missile attack where she propels herself in any direction using her gauntlet’s propulsion, allowing her to reposition or keep at her pressuring. Her Cannon is her on-hit grab that has her leap forward and grab the opponent and launch them in the air, allowing for further combo routes. Finally, she has her Tornado which acts as her reversal option.