Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 39- Goodbye Morioh

And that’s all folks.

And Merry Christmas

Whereas the final Volume of Part 4 (Volume 47) was halved to feature the next Jojo, the way that DP handled the ending to the series really hammered down the feel of the homely town of Morioh. While a few visual hiccups, just a handful, were present, I think the music and the line delivery were at their very best and I can confidently say that the adaptation wasn’t a disappointment. Congratulations David Productions, you’re going 4 for 4.

Will most likely do an overall recap on my thoughts of the adaptation sometime soon.

Picking up immediately where we left off, Kira is cornered by the protagonists but a nurse approaches him after seeing him so injured. Kira lets loose for a bit and indulges in the feeling of her hand before Hayato quickly explains Kira’s intent to incur another time-reversion with Bites The Dust. Jotaro knows that he’s not in the most effective range to attack and Josuke is too injured to try and do anything drastic. Kira relishes his chance to openly feel a woman’s hand and explains his strange fetish’s beginning when he got a boner when he first saw the hands of the Mona Lisa when he was younger. After that, he announces his name and prepares Bites The Dust and Jotaro quickly tries to move in. Kira presses the switch and is ecstatic on how he has succeeded and soon finds himself completely healed of his injuries and away from the protagonists. Kira celebrates his victory but two passing birds phase completely through him an he wonders what’s going on. He checks his watch, only to find it still broken and he is approached by Reimi who he fails to recognize.


Reimi sticks her hand through Kira and states that he is actually dead and we go back a few moments before to see what actually happened. Kira prepares to press the switch but Koichi was able to close the gap and use Act III’s Freeze on his right hand, grounding it to the pavement and have him unable to activate the bomb. Meanwhile, Jotaro closes in and delivers a flurry of time-stopped punches and sends Kira flying away. Delirious after being pummeled, Kira struggles to use his mangled right hand but the vehicle ahead of him, not noticing Kira behind them, runs him over. The crew stare in disbelief but Rohan states this was for the best since Kira admittedly had no incriminating evidence against him for any sort of legal charges to be made. Back in the ghost alley, Kira is reminded by Reimi of his previous murders but he also states he’s aware, thanks to his father, that there exists an alley where ghosts reside where something bad would happen if anyone looked behind them past a certain point. Kira’s face and hair reverts to his original look but Reimi has Arnold bite Kira’s right hand off and as he looks behind him in shock, the hands come after him. Kira and Killer Queen are dragged away and Reimi’s regrets are cleansed.


With Kira finally disposed of, the known Stand users of Morioh gather around the general store where the Ghost Alley is. With nothing binding her to the physical world, Reimi bids her goodbyes and everyone else shares a farewell as Koichi and Rohan start to cry. Back in the Kawajiri household, Hayato and Shinobu await the return of Kosaku while the former knows that he’ll never see his father again while his mother is currently unaware of her “husband’s” death. With their job fulfilled, Jotaro, Shizuka, and Joseph board the ship back to the States while Josuke shows up to say goodbye. While Joseph praises the youth he met as ones with “hearts of gold”, Josuke is able to take his father’s wallet after he gave him a piece of a photo of his mother. Elsewhere, the residents of Morioh go about their regular days and the final scene has our regular trio of Okuyasu, Josuke, and Koichi heading off to school after visiting the general store and discussing a rumor regarding Rohan.

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