Music of the Week #273

Maxin Relaxin


Got plans to finally enter the new gen with the PS4 and return to Pokemon with a new 3DS and finally get my hands on some RPGs that I’ve been wanting to experience. The latter also meant I should wrap up “loose ends” in the previous generations of Pokemon so for the past week, I’ve been breeding some decently natured Pokemon from Gens I-V so I can move on without looking back too many times. Currently, I’ve finished leveling up my Pokemons from Gen I through IV up while leveling the ones from Gen V right now. While I have X and Gen VI ready to go, I think I want to sink in my fangs into Sun and Moon the first chance I get.

Between that, I’ve been writing the other bits and parts of Rewatchables while I pray that Diamond is Unbreakable ends nicely with good quality and with a teaser for Part 5 because that happens to be Japan’s favorite part for some reason.

We kick off our foray into the most current release of Under Night, as of the time of this post’s publication at least, with the theme for one of the new two characters entering the playable roster. Phonon, real name Yoshiko, is one of the members of a special “club” of kids who’ve become In-Births and know of the Voids and the Hollow Night. Phonon however decides to set off on her own during one of these nights and “find herself” while also running into Nanase, her underclassmen and friend.

If Gordeau and Yuzuriha are described as having the largest ranged attacks of the cast, Phonon breaks into the game sporting the new standard for long-ranged attacks. Phonon fights with her mysterious whip that also doubles as her pet-snake and sports one of the longest pokes and normals in the game. Phonon’s EXS is utilized by the sounds of her whip’s crack and is appropriately named as Baroque Noise. Phonon’s specials keep her within the bounds of a “shoto” character with a projectile + aerial version, a combo extending three-hit attack, and a reversal where the attack originates at a set distance instead of being from Phonon herself. Her normals are the most interesting pieces of her kit as she sports the aforementioned range that makes it hell for anyone to try and escape or pressure her. Her 4B has her attack with a vacuuming whip strike that pulls the opponent in, her running medium has her doing an aerial attack while the running heavy is a wallbounce. Her aerial attacks are able to be charged, with one aerial attack being able to hit behind her and functions as a cross-up, and her sweep covers nearly the entire screen. If UnI[st] ever makes it out for the States, it’s going to be HELL fighting against her.

And goddamn is her theme catchy.