Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 38- The Relief

Last week’s episode filled me with certain dread that David Pro wouldn’t be able to deliver on the bulk of the climatic battle but this week was definitely a treat. I complained numerous times about the failure to deliver on a lot of the manga panel’s spreads but this episode in particular delivered pretty much everything I wanted from it. Aside from some misdirection, and I use that term loosely, I think this was the best episode bar none in the Great Days third of the series.

So many good shots that I made a gallery for all of it as well as the manga panels. Credits for the latter goes to the Invincible Trio. Once again, props to you David Pro, you restored my hopes with this fantastic episode.

Josuke and Hayato carry Okuyasu’s body into an empty house while Kira calls his work to apologize for his tardiness in work with his intention to punish his unruly son. Inside, Josuke is unable to accept Okuyasu’s passing but his attention is quickly diverted when Hayato mentions an air-bomb near them and the duo ponder on how exactly Kira is aiming the bomb’s trajectory when he doesn’t have a visual on them. Josuke quickly grabs the nearby ashtray and is able to see the outline of the bubble floating towards him and he starts lighting a number of cigarettes to gain better sight of it. Much to the duo’s surprise, the bubble continues to float toward Josuke as he slowly backs out of the room and up the stairs. Josuke bids Hayato to try and discern Kira’s location and Hayato looks out the window to see Kira peering from the house’s outer entrance. Josuke quickly breaks a vase to arm himself with a projectile and sends it flying towards Kira’s location while the bomb near him detonates. Josuke is gravely injured with his stomach and thigh pierced with wooden debris while Kira blocks the glass projectile that was coming after him. While blocked, the blood on the glass shard reunites with Josuke’s blood that sliced through Kira’s shoulder earlier and the glass projectile returns to directly hit Kira’s back.

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Josuke is able to take a glance at the injured Kira as the latter turns over back to the wall and grabs his cellphone. Enraged, Kira decides to finish off the fight once and for all and sends out another a bubble inside the house. Hayato panics with Josuke’s condition but Josuke calmly figures out Kira has been accurately placing his bombs and decides to test his hypothesis and asks Hayato to grab the lighter in his pocket. Josuke tells Hayato to stay calm as Josuke slowly lights the end of Hayato’s shirt and eventually, Yoshihiro emerges from the shirt pocket and Josuke’s guess was correct as there wasn’t anyone else who would be helping Kira with aiming his targets. Yoshihiro tries to get away but Josuke is able to take his phone and guide Kira’s bombs to kill his own father. Kira exclaims in joy after hearing the extremely loud explosion but Josuke’s voice on the other line stuns him while another glass shard is lodged into his back.

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Kira is bewildered at how he is being pushed into a corner but steels himself, stating that one last chance always presents itself in the darkest of times. Kira stands to face the house and finds an injured Josuke slowly stepping out to confront him. The latter mutters that he’s finally in his effective range and the two stare each other down as Josuke tells Kira to call his Killer Queen. The two call out their stands and Crazy Diamond’s speed and power quickly overpowers Killer Queen but the latter is saved by Stray Cat’s abilities, where it feared that it was the one being attacked and utilized its air bubbles to cushion Crazy Diamond’s attacks. Josuke falls against his injuries and Kira arms one more bomb to finish him off but a familiar noise distorts the bomb’s trajectory and Okuyasu appears. Okuyasu erases the bubble and recalls the dream he had while unconscious at how he walked toward the light in the darkness but was met with Keicho. Keicho asked where he was going and Okuyasu stated that he was going to follow him, but Keicho states that he would rather have Okuyasu choose for himself and the latter finally decided that he wanted to return to Morioh. Josuke begins tearing up but Kira prepares another bomb, only for Okuyasu to swipe the air and pull Stray Cat away from Killer Queen. Kira loses his long range abilities and the other trio of Rohan, Koichi, and Jotaro arrive as Kira finds himself cornered.


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