Music of the Week #272

Almost late


Been getting back into Pokemon in preparation for getting a 3DS by wrapping up getting all the Pokemon I fancied from Gen I to IV bred and semi-optimized. Once that’s done, I can work on my Gen V teams then fully move onto the 3DS era of Pokemon, which I already mapped out on which ones to use. Also lost my copies of Sleeping Dogs so I might as well look into getting another copy. All in all, it’s not going to be a boring time for me anytime soon.

This week’s theme means that we’re nearing the end of our Under Night music spotlight since it’s the opening for the Arcade version of EXE: Late[st] which features more balance changes, alternate colors, new maps, a new mechanic, and most importantly, two new fighters and themes. We’ll be diving into those in the coming weeks but we’ll just enjoy my personal favorite “opening song” for the series.