Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 37- The Struggle

And the QUALITY dips in.

As the final battle actually begins, we get our fair share of good shots between some really poor looking ones. Another spread-panel that I really loved got simplified to a single shot again but oh well. This isn’t something I didn’t expect and I honestly expected worse but some of the far-away shots definitely look way too silly. Other than that, the voice acting and the fight sequences generally looked pretty decent which is a good thing because decent becomes great once the BDs hit, I hope.

Anyway, we have two more episodes to go and I better see my Part 5 lead-off with Koichi

Kira gloats on his good luck after being saved by the watch he put in his breastpocket but immediately regrets shouting out his name for all of us hear when Hayato reveals that the only thing he did differently today was using the phone to call a certain someone and not have them oversleep. Kira turns around and Josuke stares at him menacingly as he confirms that he just heard and warns Okuyasu of his discovery. Kira quickly tries to run but Crazy Diamond decks him in the face and has him lying face flat on the ground. Kira stands up and recalls Killer Queen from Hayato to fend himself from Josuke. Confidently stating that he only avoids combat to earn peace of mind, he states that now has no choice in the matter to fight to protect his identity. Crazy Diamond and Killer Queen exchange blows but while Killer Queen trips Crazy Diamond up, the latter’s speed is superior and pins Kira to the wall. Josuke and Okuyasu approach him and Kira tries to get in a quick attack in but The Hand redirects the attack toward Okuyasu. This turned out favorable for Kira after all as he swiped Stray Cat and utilized its invisible air-bubble in conjunction with Killer Queen’s bomb-arming ability to blow a hole in Okuyasu’s sides.


Kira once again blesses his luck as Stray Cat was brought by Hayato himself and Josuke is pressured into saving Okuyasu from his injury. Josuke makes his advance and constructs a barrier made of the ground as he pushes forward. However, the armed bubble passes through a barrier and the ensuing explosion grazes him. Josuke decides to make a play and charges head forward and the bubble passes by him without detonating. Josuke plays with Kira’s own rules as the latter avoided detonation as the explosion’s fragments would reach him if he detonated too close. Kira relocates himself while Josuke gets near Okuyasu’s body but Hayato exclaims that Kira must have armed his body. Josuke is too scared to believe this and demands that Kira to shoot the next bubble but Kira decides to detonate Okuyasu anyway. Hayato makes the ballsiest move and decides to make contact with Okuyasu’s body, proving it was armed and explodes. Josuke is able to revert the damage and Kira realizes how powerful Crazy Diamond’s abilities are to revert the damage from his lethal bombs.


Okuyasu is healed but doesn’t open his eyes and Josuke begins to panic. Kira decides to take the chance to release a smaller bubble to have it more easily concealed and Hayato notices the bomb’s approach. Josuke is still too busy trying to wake Okuyasu up while Kira takes aim and applies some geometry in manually aiming the bomb. The bomb closes near the trio and Josuke uses his own blood from his injuries to slice the bubble with a chop that sends a wave of blood at Kira which knicks his shoulder. The bomb however remains intact by Killer Queen’s arming ability and explodes with double the radius, but the injury Josuke sustained earlier lodged some gravel and stone in his shoulder which he restores to send himself, Okuyasu’s body, and Hayato reeling back to the pavement. The trio take refuge inside a house while Kira reassess the situation and deems Josuke’s abilities to be far more dangerous to him than Jotaro’s time-stopping powers.

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