Music of the Week #271

Pretty close


Just a few more days until a month long freedom. Been mostly reading and playing some DotA on the side since nothing really interests me on the console. Actually that’s a lie since I’m playing Dark Souls 2 again since I made a new file to play as a Hexer while I accidentally deleted my Sorcerer build so I might as well replay the game with some emphasis on magic again. But there’s not anything else I’m doing other than that and getting more of the Rewatchable stuff being finished up. So it’s a rather uneventful week while I try to get other obligations finished before lazing off for around a month.

This week’s theme is something a lot of the newer, or rather, late newcomers to the Under Night series will no doubt hear the most or the least from its soundtrack. That theme of course is the Online Mode theme, a nice little techno-jingle that will either remind you that you bought the game a little past its online activity periods or prove itself a light in the darkness when a rare Lobby shows up. We’ll get on to bigger and better things afterwards so stay tuned!