Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 36- That Opening Though

So far so good. The finale has yet to reach any scenes of serious awkwardness in its visual quality for me to really complain on anything about. This week’s intro was also radically changed to fit the Bites the Dust saga with varying amounts of time fuckery, music distortion, and utilizing the final chorus from the full version of Great Days. I personally wouldn’t have minded something a bit more simpler to listen to but I’m glad they bothered to change it.

It’s kind of surreal to think that the series is quickly coming to an end. This is one of my favorite parts, but to be fair, any Part after Part 3 are amazing in their own way in the whole Stand deal. I can only hope for Vento Aureo’s announcement to happen around the Spring and maybe air next Fall.

Kira is pleased with Hayato’s new awareness as he realizes that his son was able to eliminate someone who tried to investigate him. As Kira decides to leave for work, he asks for a good-bye kiss from Shinobu but they are interrupted by Shinobu’s tea set being smashed, where she blames Hayato for the event when he saved it just a few moments ago. Hayato realizes that Kira is waiting for him outside the main entrance and decides to leave by descending from a tree near his room’s window. Hayato approaches the street where he previously met Rohan and deduces that Rohan won’t die if he never encounters him, however, his face begins to peel away into paper and realizes that this was the something Rohan used on him the “day” before. Kira appears behind him and reveals to him that “fate” cannot be altered. Just like how the teapot was broken in the original day’s “time” the fact that Rohan will die through Bites the Dust will continue occur and Kira has full control over whether or not he can solidify an event as non-reoccurring and record it as fact but he decides to withdraw that idea since he feels like he can make an even bigger elimination happen. Surely enough, Kira leaves for work, confident that Hayato will “protect” him. Hayato himself sees that Rohan dies at around 8:30 sharp and as he tries to investigate the location of his death, the crew of Jotaro, Koichi, Okuyasu, and Josuke arrive and they immediately recognize Hayato as the kid they were supposed to look into.


Hayato of course, tries to deny any sort of involvement in any of the questions the crew try to ask him and he turns around and realizes that he’s the trigger in all of these events. He gathers his thoughts and grabs a box-opener from his pack and prepares to kill himself to prevent more tragedies but he finds himself being strangely stopped. The crew finds the significantly smaller Killer Queen preventing Hayato from killing himself and they activate their own Stands but Bites the Dust all enter their field of vision, signaling their own demise.


As the protagonists get literally blown away, Hayato’s screams are carried with him through another reset back to the morning where he is in utter despair over his helplessness but is reminded of one external help he could utilize. Hayato accesses the attic and takes a hold of the sleeping Stray Cat and stuffs it in his bag and he reaches the kitchen in time to answer the phone and, for now, stop the teapot from breaking with Shinobu not being in a hurry. The teapot indeed breaks when Kira tries to sip on some coffee and Hayato quickly leaves the house after kissing his mother goodbye for the first time. Back on the alley, Hayato waits by the curb but as time progresses close to 8:30, he sees no sign of Rohan while the other repeated events are happening. Hayato catches of glimpse of Kira behind a tree with Hayato’s hat in hand and former gets worried if Kira is being overly cautious and might not approach him out of intuition. Hayato’s despairing face however over this fact convinces Kira that there’s probably nothing to worry about and the opening is found, Hayato uses Stray Cat’s ability to punch a hole through Kira’s chest. As Hayato gets closer to investigate, Kira’s hand is stopped by Killer Queen from hitting Hayato and Kira rises up and blesses his luck. He explains that he placed his watch in his breastpocket after getting his hand-burnt and feels that fortune itself is on his side and watching over him.

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