Music of the Week #270


So close


A week break will soon become a month break in a few days but that means these are technically the busiest times for me. It would feel that way if I didn’t work ahead and get most of my work done so there’s not much else to be said. I’ve been taking a break from fighting games and been playing some DotA and some San Andreas again while I try to find my copy of Sleeping Dogs since I’ve been meaning to play for that for a while and I definitely some change of pace. Perhaps I should do the unthinkable and actually play the games I bought during the Summer Steam Sale.

Anyways, let’s get through this week’s theme while I write up more stuff for people that’s not Jojo. I’ll run out of those small-segments in due time but I still have a hefty amount to talk about since some series, believe or not, are technically “new” content on this site I haven’t addressed before and that’s always fun.

This week’s theme is the other newcomer from the PS3 port of EXE: Late, Byakuya. As far as story goes, Byakuya doesn’t really say much but acts as the bodyguard and “little brother” to another character, a girl named Tsukuyomi. Tsukuyomi is the real focus on the story mode as she and Byakuya, students from another school with their distinct uniforms head out into the night for Tsukuyomi to investigate something of her interest. A good amount of the characters note on how Tsukuyomi cannot fight but is a vessel for an abnormally prolific EXS known as Sephiroth and for some reason, she is unable to utilize it. In her stead, Byakuya fights the duo’s battles with a strange set of “knives” that float behind him.  He is noted to be freakishly powerful and even Merkava makes mention of something inhuman in him and how they’re similar from just investigating his “stomach”. By the end of the arcade mode story, after beating Hilda out of the Altar of Light and Dark and preventing the mass of EXS from surging, Tsukuyomi more or less reveals after the fight that her journey was mostly to find some answers to her condition and explains that her abilities became null after betraying a friend. She reveals a scar that signified the event and apologizes for bringing Byakuya with her through the night and reveals that they’re not really siblings. Tsukuyomi tells Byakuya to do as he wishes but Byakuya decides to continue helping her as his plot apparently has something to do with his admiration towards his real sister who is presumably dead.

In game, Byakuya is pretty damn annoying to fight against since his EXS abilities known as Dark Spikes, Chelicerae. 8 floating knife-like extensions that build up the image of him being some sort of arachnid and since they’re not really attached to him nor held by his hand, they work off a different hurtbox values and essentially gives him even more range to fight back with. His moveset is however extremely limited but doesn’t bar him from being a completely annoyance to fight since nearly all of his moves hit multiple times and his normals are excellent. His go-to combo starter is his multi-hit special that mostly sets up for other parts of his kit. Alone, it has three rekkas that can be repeated and the first two reps are usually made for combo extensions and filler while the third is exclusively used for combo enders. Byakuya has his pseudo-projectile which solidifies his entire theme of being a creepy spider since he can set up web-traps that appear on the screen. He can place them and follow up with said attacks and this can be done inbetween his previous special that make up a core part of his combo game. Getting hit by these webs also steal a block of GrD so it’s extra annoying. His last special is his ground-web ability that has him dash toward the enemy and reappear on the other side and he sets up an unblockable trap beneath their feet and is mostly used to catch people off-guard while the super versions is used to extend combos. He’s an absolute pain in the ass to deal with and his Force Function is essentially a fake-web that also doubles as a standing, ranged overhead.

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