Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 35- Return to Order

I’m genuinely surprised and you can probably guess why. I’ve been on a tirade on how the visual quality has been dropping since months ago but this episode didn’t have as many hiccups as I would have thought. But of course, it’s still way too early as the exciting moments have only just begun as the final battle of Part 4 kicks off.

I only hope that the rest of the episodes to send off this part look as great as this since the action hasn’t even started yet. Here’s hoping for consistency in the future.

Reimi notes the similar names of the child in the photo, Kawajiri Hayato, who is then linked up to his “father” in one of the other catalogs of data Rohan keeps. Koichi relays this information to Josuke and the others and they all agree to meet up near the Kawajiri household the next day at 8:30AM. Elsewhere, Shinbou opens the door to the bathroom and is surprised to see Kira in there as she only expected Hayato inside. Kira assures her that nothing is wrong and tries to get her away from the room as it is seen that Kira ended up killing Hayato and put his body into one of the cupboards. Kira is successful in getting Shinobu away from the room but begins to panic, by means of biting his nails, at his predicament. Yoshihiro appears to try and comfort him and suggest leaving Morioh but Kira exclaims that running away in fear of hiding would dominate his life if he were to be on the chase again and as he yells back at his father, the Arrow inside the photograph creeps up along Kira’s arm and awakens Kira’s latent powers.


The day begins anew and we find Hayato very much alive but still inquisitive on his father and why he hasn’t come after him after getting evidence that he killed someone. Kira enters the kitchen with a completely new look and confident smile, which puzzles even his father and we return to the day before. Yoshihiro warns Kira of Rohan and the impending investigation crew but Kira reassures his father that Killer Queen’s new ability will deal with them. In the present, the news cast begins, and the family phone starts ringing. Shinobu asks for Hayato to answer it while he’s too busy pondering on what made his “father” so confident and Shinobu ends up breaking some of her glass-ware in an attempt to pace herself to answer the phone and she yells at Hayato for never listening to her. Kira answers the phone and calms the two down and he decides to head to work and kisses Shinobu before leaving the house. Hayato gets angered at the sight and prepares to leave for school, only to have Kira give him his hat upon exiting the door and walks together with him. Kira ends up revealing his true name but doesn’t seem to mind and stresses that Hayato will no longer be a threat to him and his comfortable life with his new unparalleled ability and bids him to have a good day at school. Hayato wonders what this means and runs into our mangaka, Rohan by the side of the road. Hayato tries to escape questioning but Rohan uses Heaven’s Door to get all the information he can  but is surprised to find a warning page instead of the information laid bare. Rohan continues reading despite the warning and mysteriously finds random events being foretold and being fulfilled around him. He happens upon the vital data about Kira’s new identity and as he pieces it all together, he reads a prediction that he would die. Surely enough, Rohan sees an image of Killer Queen enter his field of vision and as he tries to fight back, a voice rings out announcing that Killer Queen is already inside Rohan’s eye and the tertiary bomb’s effect will now take place. Rohan is severely damaged and tries to find a way to relay the information on Kira to Koichi but Killer Queen activates the bomb and we return to the start of the morning.


Hayato finds himself back in his room and sees similar events of the morning play out. Instead of letting Shinobu’s tea set break, he catches it after he realizes that time has shifted back to the morning. Kira notices this as well and he congratulates Hayato for eliminating someone for him by being the “host” of Killer Queen’s third bomb, Bite the Dust, that automatically destroys anyone inquiring about his identity and how it can reverse time.

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