Music of the Week #269


Break Time


I’ve gotten myself a few extra days off so I’ll be finally able to get some non-Jojo stuff up and probably something else related to that up after this. I’ve been wracking my head if it’s a decent enough length to warrant the post but I’m guessing anything that isn’t Music of Jojo related would be alright at this point. Aside from dealing with my boredom through writing, it has once again dawned on me on how much fighting games can entertain you for only so long and now I’m just craving an RPG on the side. Maybe I should replay something or get back into breeding my Pokemon again.

Anyways, while I figure that stuff out let’s get into our music showcase.

This week’s theme is Nanase’s theme, a relative newcomer to the Under Night cast where she was added in to the console release of EXE: Late. Nanase is a second-year middle schooler who came under attack from a Void where Hyde came and saved her. However, this was after she was bitten and she blamed Hyde for “defilingher body”, a quote that is as understandably misleading as much as it is uttered by her in front of others. Nanase’s powers manifested through this event and her EXS of Vengeance came in the form of wind manipulation, where she became able to call forth a large blade and some fashionable wings on her shoes. She soon made a name for herself in the In-birth world, the Windmill, but she’s more known for stalking our main man Hyde in an attempt to exact her vengeance. Her story mode is as anime-cliche filled the entire series gets as Nanase hunts down Hyde and runs into a lot of the female cast that easily mistake her accusations which of course amounts to a misunderstanding and it being cleared up by the end.

Nanase’s emphasis on wind has her naturally be a relatively speedy character but most of her power comes from her aerial moves. While her normals are decent enough, a large variety of her combos come from aerial links and command normals that lift herself and her enemies in the air for longer and then slam them down after she’s done. Her projectile is also only available as an air command and sets up for some decent wake-up pressure. Her ground specials are well rounded: She has a solid reversal and her Charging special has 3 follow ups that mostly serve as a means to break the enemies guard or utilize it as combo filler. However, not too many of them are safe and Nanase’s biggest weakpoint is that she has little means of breaking into a well-rounded defense and she’s better off contesting others and getting counter hits to start up her combos. However, her speed and agile abilities in the air, supplemented by her command jump/increased air-time Force Function mostly keeps her in your face waiting to bait out a stray hit. Because once she opens you up, it tends to hurt.

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