Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 34- Beginning of the End

To my exact fears, the panel I so wanted to see animated turned out to be a disappointment. Not a complete disappointment because the act itself is cool as all hell but it just looked wonky as hell. The entire scene with Kira talking to the girl after blowing up her boyfriend looked so off but just the context of that scene enough didn’t completely make me hate it since it’s a damn cool scene anyway. Whereas I didn’t really need to review Part 3’s adaptation all that much, Part 4’s review might just be more than praises being thrown out.

But to be fair, this is what modern day Bluray releases are for so maybe there’s something better coming along.

Koichi enters Rohan’s house to see the latter quivering in fear and Rohan informs him that he’s under attack from an enemy Stand. Koichi enters alert but Rohan’s strange behavior and lack of an explanation has him begin to doubt the eccentric mangaka and the two go upstairs (with Rohan mimicking the back-crawl) and they find Kinoto’s shriveled up body, but Koichi doesn’t buy it and just decides to go home after concluding that Rohan is just making this up. Rohan has no choice but to embark away from his house and he awkwardly moves across the street. As he happens on an intersection, Rohan puts his back against someone else and continues to walk across the street. Cheap Trick congratulates Rohan’s ability to ignore embarrassment and Rohan explains that if Kinoto was able to make it to his house without dying than he can do the same. Cheap Trick however starts talking to the guy who Rohan has his back to and provokes him but Rohan’s Heaven’s Door keeps the man facing forward and unable to turn around. As they cross the street, Rohan quickly moves ahead to the wall.


Rohan slides across the walls but then finds a bunch of dogs and cats around him and Cheap Trick reveals that he was able to call them all here and provokes them into attacking him. Koichi shows up again with Act III to repel the animals away and states that while he thought Rohan acting weird was just an act, his continued tendencies of keeping his back unseen convinced Koichi otherwise. Koichi explains that he’ll use Act III to tear away Cheap Trick and while it seems successful, the enemy stand answers back by clutching onto Rohan’s back and peels a bit off. Rohan tells Koichi to stop and the former begins to laugh creepily and gives up. He turns his back, letting Koichi see and Cheap Trick excitedly moves onto Koichi and looks back. But Koichi sees the mailbox on the side of the street and recognizes where they are, and as Cheap Trick looks around, he is assaulted by hands that drag him to god knows where. As the two leave the Ghost Alleyway, Reimi notices the photos Rohan has took and connects Hayato Kawajiri with Kosaku Kawajiri’s photo, with the former stalking his apparent father.


Elsewhere, Kira continues to hold back his urges. Inside the train ride home, a rambunctious couple gets on his nerves and as he swats away the girl’s bag away from his leg, the boyfriend gets angered towards him and tells him off while Kira remains silent. The train arrives at Morioh Station and as Kira leaves, he bumps into the couple again and they mock him for his bowling pin nail-clipper. The couple return home to their studio apartment as they close the door, Kira forces his way in and destroys the boyfriend while threatening the girl in a rather strange way and demands that she trim his nails for him. The girl is swiftly killed after the act and Kira caresses the remaining hand but soon finds Hayato had been watching him as he runs back home. Hayato panics and tries to calm himself in the bath-tub but Kira decides to enter as well and some awkward and legitimately scary exchange has Kira finally figure out that Hayato was recording him. Kira threatens him but Hayato reveals that he’s still recording Kira’s moves and threatens back to not try anything.

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